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Alpine Recovery Lodge is a nationally acclaimed residential treatment facility for those suffering from alcoholism and drug dependency. Our rehabilitation program is designed to give individualized care in an intimate setting. We utilize the latest modalities in addiction treatment, resulting in lasting success for our patients.

Addictions of any sort are complex conditions that require comprehensive and multi-faceted treatment programs.
Our licensed therapists and counselors are skilled and compassionate professionals who go to the heart of the issues that keep a person trapped in addiction. After a detailed psychological evaluation and substance abuse assessment have been completed by our Clinical Team and Medical Director, they implement a multi-faceted treatment plan for each individual that will develop the strength and resilience needed to break through the addiction and allow our patients to successfully recover their lives.


Are you looking for a women's rehab program or men's rehab program? Contact us today, we offer women's and men's programs.


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We have created an environment in which our residents support one another on their road to sobriety. Rehab treatment is customized to meet the individual’s unique needs and consists of emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. The latest therapeutic modalities are combined to provide an all-encompassing path to recovery.

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Research shows that over 50% of people who are diagnosed with a mental disorder will also have a substance abuse problem. When a person is dealing with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or other issues whose causes may range from chemical imbalances to psychological trauma, they often begin to abuse, or become dependent upon, medications, alcohol, or illicit drugs.

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Sometimes individuals clearly need help to break free from their addiction, but they resist those who would like to see them receive treatment. To facilitate the delivery of treatment, we have a national network of trained Intervention Specialists who can help. When the intervention process is left to the professionals, loved ones can focus on being a caring support system during this transition.

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As one of the leading substance abuse treatment centers in Utah, Alpine Recovery Lodge offers affordable and competitive pricing and accepts most types of insurance. It’s possible that your Insurance will cover the entire cost of treatment. We have a team of dedicated insurance specialists to ensure that you maximize your health insurance benefits. Financing is available, find out if you may qualify.

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Joint Commission accreditation is earned by only the top treatment facilities in the nation. This accreditation is recognized nationwide and reflects an organization’s commitment to meeting the highest performance standards. The Joint Commission is the nation's oldest and largest standards-setting and accrediting body in healthcare. To earn and maintain this Gold Seal of Approval®, an organization undergoes rigorous evaluation and regular auditing on over 3000 quality-assurance items.


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Alpine Recovery Lodge has a team of leading addiction specialists to offer proven and multi-faceted recovery solutions. Our licensed therapists and counselors are caring, compassionate, competent, and skilled professionals who go to the heart of the issues that keep a person trapped in addiction.

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