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Group Therapy that allows them to address their issues with others who can relate to what they are feeling and going through

Group Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Get the help you need with group therapy at Alpine Recovery Lodge

At Alpine Recovery Lodge, we have found that group therapy is an essential part of the recovery process. Drug and alcohol abuse tends to isolate addicts and it keeps them from sharing their experiences with people.

We know that community and connection is important to our well-being and overall success in life. When addicts don’t socialize, they feel more isolated, which can actually make their addiction worse. It makes them feel like no one cares and if no one cares, they have may sense that what happens to them doesn’t matter. Our group therapy sessions can help reduce the feelings of isolation.


Group Therapy is an Effective Component for Recovery Treatment

Group therapy is often recommended to residents at Alpine Recovery Lodge as a complement to additional therapies, such as individual therapy, family therapy, and more. This is because when residents have a chance to share their stories with others, they realize that they do matter.

What’s more, they also benefit from sharing their stories with other addicts. It can take time for residents to feel comfortable enough to share their experiences with drugs, alcohol, or other behavioral addictions, but once residents start to open up, their recovery can happen much faster.


Continuing Support Even After Treatment Has Ended

Ongoing group therapy is recommended for recovering addicts even after they have left Alpine Recovery Lodge. These sessions will support them through trialing times over the rest of their life.

Once a patient has completed the treatment program and is ready to return to their life, group therapy is strongly recommended to help them make the transition and learn from others who are also trying to live a substance-free life. Talking about experiences with people who can understand will provide tremendous support and guidance to recovering addicts.

We’ve seen great success with our group therapy sessions for drug and alcohol addiction in Alpine, Utah. Once a resident is ready to attend a group therapy session, we include it as part of their treatment plan. Because some addicts need to go through intensive withdrawal treatment first, they might not be ready for group therapy right away. We’ll continue to add group therapy sessions to complement their treatment plan as they progress through recovery.


Supportive Therapy Sessions

Residents can expect a non-invasive and supportive environment at Alpine Recovery Lodge’s group therapy sessions. Our licensed therapists never force residents to share, but it is highly encouraged because experience has shown that participation leads to tremendous transformation and a better understanding of addiction.


Group Therapy Offers Many Benefits

Group therapy offers residents at Alpine Recovery Lodge the chance to listen first and participate second. They can learn more about the recovery process and interact with people who are steps ahead and making recovery work for them. It encourages problem solving and critical thinking related to addiction and real-life situations. Group therapy also provides a routine and a reliable schedule, especially when treatment has ended and ongoing support is needed as a resident returns to their home or work. It also provides residents with an improved sense of self, self-esteem, and encouragement that they can overcome their addictions.

Oftentimes, members of group therapy will connect outside of therapy to create friendships, support networks, and long-lasting relationships that can all help improve the success of lasting sobriety. Once residents have left the treatment program at Alpine Recovery Lodge, group therapy can provide them access to a therapist without having to wait for individual appointments or without having to incur the costs associated with paying for individual therapy appointments at another location or facility.

Besides providing lasting support and chance of success, group therapy also provides an immediate outlet for recovering addicts to express their thoughts. Since Alpine Recovery Lodge runs group therapy sessions on an on-going basis, there is always a session that you can join and get the help you need. Whether you say anything or just want the comradery, there is always someone to listen or talk you through your recovery at Alpine Recovery Lodge.


Get Treatment at Alpine Recovery Lodge

If you or someone you love is suffering from drugs, alcohol, or behavioral addiction, consider Alpine Recovery Lodge to help you overcome your addiction and get your life back on track. With our open and supportive group therapy sessions in Alpine, Utah, we help people recover and regain control of their lives every day. Our professional therapists are ready to help and can guide you through the recovery process using an individualized treatment plan that uses group therapy to provide you with the best chance of success in overcoming your battle with addiction.

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