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Meth Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Center in Alpine, Utah

Detox from Crystal Meth in a Therapeutic, Supportive Environment

Methamphetamines are among the most destructive drugs available today. Its addictive properties destroy lives and it is acutely damaging to the body. Here at our residential drug treatment facility in Alpine, Utah, we help people addicted to crystal meth detox from this drug and get healthy again. Methamphetamine addiction ravages the body, leaving its victims feeling helpless. Our therapists and medical doctors have treated many clients who are addicted to crystal meth, and they can get you on the road to recovery too.

Detox from Methamphetamines

The first step in beating any drug addiction is detox. Anyone who has ever been addicted to drugs has likely tried to quit — or at least cut down — on their own. One of the ways you know you’re addicted is that cutting down or quitting is not possible. All your time and attention is diverted away from your responsibilities and loved ones and to obtaining more of this drug. At Alpine Recovery Lodge, you will be safe — far from access to the methamphetamines that have made your life unmanageable.

The detox process is similar for all addictive substances, but with detox from crystal meth and drugs such as opiates, medical intervention is sometimes necessary. What sets Alpine Recovery Lodge apart from other drug rehabilitation facilities is that we have a medical doctor on staff to provide necessary prescriptions and to oversee your drug detox from start to finish.

We understand that some of our clients prefer to detox from crystal meth and other drugs without the assistance of prescription medication, and we respect that. Our medical doctor never requires clients to take prescription drugs that are not medically necessary. However, with crystal meth detox, prescription medication can make the detox process less difficult.

During the detox and evaluation stage, our doctors and therapists may discover that you have an underlying — and perhaps undiagnosed — mental health condition, such as anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder. It is mental health conditions like these that often drive people to turn to dangerous addictive drugs, as a way to self-medicate. Often, when these conditions are treated, the temptation to misuse drugs or alcohol is greatly reduced. If you receive a dual diagnosis, prescribed medication — should you choose to take it — may assist in your recovery from crystal meth addiction.

Inpatient Rehab in Utah for Meth Addiction

Therapy is an indispensable part of the drug rehab process, and here at Alpine Recovery Lodge, we provide several types of intensive therapy, all with the goal of helping you beat your addiction to crystal meth.

Individual therapy is provided by our licensed therapists and helps in numerous ways, particularly in discovering underlying motivations to use and brainstorming replacement self-soothing behaviors you can turn to in times of stress. You will discover what your triggers are and plan ways you can avoid them or become more resilient to them.

Group therapy is a useful tool for almost everyone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Addiction is often accompanied by shame, guilt, fear and feelings of isolation. When you participate in group therapy, you see that there are many others just like you, facing the same or similar challenges. The group dynamic helps in shoring up your strength and ability to resist temptation to use drugs or alcohol, and it continually reinforces the fact that you are not alone, you are not a bad person and attending a residential drug treatment program is a positive step, not a negative one.

We also offer our clients family therapy and marriage counseling. While you may feel alone in your addiction to crystal meth, the ramifications of that addiction likely touch many others, including your loved ones. Some people who have suffered with drug or alcohol addiction have told lies, disappointed others, broken promises, drained bank accounts and perhaps even stolen to support their habit. Family counseling provides a safe space to release fear and anger, to offer sincere apologies and to build trust so your relationships can thrive again.

We also offer experiential therapy at Alpine Recovery Lodge, which we believe aids in recovery from drug addiction and lays the groundwork for cultivating supportive, effective habits that last a lifetime. Pursuits can include participating in creative outlets such as drawing, painting, playing music or journaling. Moving your body every day is also hugely important — it improves mood and brain function while making you physically healthier. We encourage clients to walk on nearby hiking trails, use the on-site basketball courts or just wander about the grounds. You may spot deer, rabbits and other wildlife while you are out and about!

IOP & Day Treatment for Crystal Meth

Our goal is for all our clients to feel healthy, strong and optimistic when they complete our residential drug treatment program. Part of remaining motivated and drug-free includes continued care. After completing residential treatment, clients take a step down to day treatment, or PHP. Here, you will attend the program for five hours per day, then be released to return home to your family. The final step in the program is intensive outpatient treatment, or IOP, where you slowly move to receiving services for fewer days per week until you graduate from the program.

The environment we provide for you here at our inpatient treatment center is optimized for your recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. The challenge comes when you return to your life outside and encounter the strains of everyday life, such as problems at work, arguments with family members or stresses such as celebrating holidays or traveling for work or leisure. Whether you have had a relapse or fear you will, our IOP and day treatment programs will always be available to you if you need help.

Best Rehab Facility for Beating Meth Addiction

We believe our site here in Alpine, Utah, provides the solace and tranquility our clients need to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Our lodge, well-appointed with all the necessary comforts, has been built with soaring windows that look directly out on the stunning and inspiring Wasatch Range. The beauty of nature helps center everyone who experiences it, and this is what helps make it a highly useful tool in recovery.

Our warm, welcoming supportive staff is here for you 24/7, helping you through your drug detox and rehabilitation one day and one step at a time. While the focus at our inpatient rehab facility is on recovery, part of this recovery is getting back to the basics of living a healthy lifestyle. During your stay at our residential drug treatment center, all your meals will be prepared for you by our star chef, who incorporates plenty of proteins, vitamins and minerals into her flavor-packed recipes. Proper rest, hydration, nutrition and exercise are the keys to achieving the new life you want to live.

Help Beating an Addiction to Crystal Meth

Deliverance from a crystal meth addiction is particularly satisfying because of how your body changes. Crystal meth is known to ravage the bodies of users, leaving them rail thin with sunken eyes and rotting teeth. As you recover at our inpatient treatment facility in Alpine, Utah, you will not only feel better, but you’ll also start looking better too, returning to a healthy weight and getting the sparkle and luster back into your hair, skin and eyes.

We know it’s hard to take that step of committing to a residential treatment facility. Many people have to hit rock bottom before they do it. If you’re unsure, give us a call to talk about it. You deserve better than the life you’re living now. We can help you rise up out of your despair, emerge from your addiction to crystal meth and start living again.