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Best Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Treatment for Drug & Alcohol Addiction In Alpine, Utah

Alpine, Utah, Rehabilitation & Recovery Center Provides Residential & Inpatient Services

Anyone addicted to drugs or alcohol suffers. They suffer with the consequences of their addiction, and they suffer when they try to quit and fail. We understand the process and the pain involved, and that’s why we established Alpine Recovery Lodge — to provide the best residential and IOP services available, and to make detoxing from drugs and alcohol easier. Our intensive outpatient services — available to those who have successfully completed our residential rehab program and our day services (PHP) program — help our clients transition from 24-hour support to feeling confident that they can rely on themselves during challenging times. As the final step in a three-step program, completion of IOP and graduation from the rehab and recovery center signifies that you have cleared a major hurdle in your life and have truly beaten your drug or alcohol addiction.

Post-Detox IOP Program

Many people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol wish it was easy to quit. They wish they could attend a day treatment program, return home at night and successfully beat their addiction. But we have treated people addicted to drugs or alcohol for many years, and we know this is not the best way to achieve sobriety. Temptation is too great; resolve is not great enough. People need the support and structure of a residential rehab facility, and that’s what we provide at Alpine Recovery Lodge.

When you enter our inpatient rehab center, your first step will be detox from alcohol or drugs. Your detox will be closely monitored by our therapists, nurses and medical doctor. Most inpatient rehab facilities do not have their own medical doctor on staff, and the fact that we do makes the rehab and recovery process easier. For instance, if you need prescription medication as part of your detox, you will be able to get it quickly and easily. Additionally, if you receive a dual diagnosis — meaning a mental health condition is present along with your addiction to drugs or alcohol — you can get the medication you need to start feeling better quickly.

That being said, we know that many of our clients prefer to move through the detox and rehab stages without medication, and for that reason, we do not require any of our clients to take prescriptions that are not medically necessary.

Rehab, Recovery & Outpatient Services

While in residential rehab, you will take part in intensive programming such as individual, group and family therapy sessions. During these sessions, you will work on what events and circumstances may have contributed to your drug or alcohol addiction. If an underlying mental health condition is discovered — such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD — you will receive a dual diagnosis and be treated for all conditions simultaneously.

Once you complete the residential rehab portion of your recovery, you will move a step down to day treatment. This is a major step for our clients. After weeks of constant supervision and support, you will be allowed to return home to your family every afternoon after the conclusion of programming. This is an exciting time, but also a time that may be fraught with trepidation of what the future holds. Not everyone is ready to return home during this step. We offer family therapy to help repair the relationship problems that addiction has caused or exacerbated, but returning to regular family life can still be stressful for everyone involved. For that reason, we allow those who want to continue living at our residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility the option to continue doing so through this stage of treatment. Both residents and those who leave campus will attend programming from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. five to six days per week. If you opt to stay on campus, your time after is your own.

Top IOP Program

Once you complete the day treatment step, you will transition to intensive outpatient treatment. During this stage, you will continue to attend process group therapy in the mornings. Continued group therapy is important to cement the lessons learned in residential rehab. The bond of understanding, empathy and shared experiences in group therapy helps to shore you up when you ultimately face challenges. You will also attend education sessions in the afternoon that focus on different areas such as relapse prevention.

Once you get to intensive outpatient treatment, you will start the gradual transition from constant support to support only when you need it. Day treatment clients receive two therapy sessions per week; IOP clients get one. The day ends at 2:30 for PHP clients, but it ends at 1:30 for IOP clients. Those in day treatment get support from our medical doctor, therapists and their case manager, but when you move to IOP, medical supervision is provided only if necessary. Throughout both stages of outpatient treatment, your case manager will work with you on transitioning back into life outside the rehab center, helping you with your resume, job search and applying for assistance programs, if needed.

When you first enter IOP treatment, you will come five days a week as you did in day treatment, but the goal is to scale down attendance gradually. Eventually you will move to four days, then three. Once you have met all the criteria for completing the three stages of rehab — residential, day treatment and intensive outpatient treatment — you will graduate and be released from the program.

While we want you to be excited and proud of your accomplishments, we understand that leaving the program may stir up feelings of apprehension. We want you to know that you may continue to look to us for support through group therapy, or even to re-enter an IOP program if you are facing challenging times.

IOP Center in Alpine, Utah

During your stay at Alpine Recovery Lodge, our staff wants you to feel supported and safe. Our lodge was built for comfort, with cozy rooms, spacious common areas and beautiful views of the Wasatch Range. Nature plays an important part in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, because it is an important part of a healthy life. Too often we become consumed by work and electronics and social media, and we forget to go outside and breathe fresh air, touch grass and splash in cool water. Remembering where we came from — and where we will eventually return — brings us a kind of peace you cannot get from watching TV or going to the mall.

Another part of a healthy life is eating nutritious food. That’s why we have an amazing chef on staff — so that you can spend your time here in our residential rehab facility getting stronger and learning the value of a healthy meal, prepared by hand. Adequate rest, hydration and nutrition are critical to a successful recovery from addiction.

Out here in Alpine, Utah, it’s quiet. The quiet may even seem jarring to you at first. But here, you will learn to sit in the quiet and feel your feelings instead of attempting to quash them with drugs or alcohol. You will learn that you are not your emotions, that sadness and fear are just as fleeting as happiness and joy — you will no longer be stuck or trapped. Contact us today about our residential, PHP and IOP programs. You’ll be glad you did.