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Adderall Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Center in Alpine, Utah

Inpatient Residential Treatment Facility Serves Clients with Adderall Addiction

At Alpine Recovery Lodge, we welcome clients addicted to a wide range of substances, including alcohol and drugs. Those seeking help for addiction to Adderall is becoming more common, and this addiction can be especially heartbreaking, as it can be the result of clients being given a prescription for this amphetamine by their own well-meaning parents. Regardless of how or why you may have become addicted to Adderall, know that you are not alone, and that our counselors can help you. We have watched many clients arrive with all the signs of a serious Adderall addiction, only to leave at the end of their treatment program a new person — clean, healthy and happy.

The Genesis of Adderall Addiction

Although amphetamines have been in use for various purposes for well over 100 years, the specific formulation used in Adderall became available to consumers in 1996. Since then, many people have formed an unhealthy dependence on this drug that leads to sleeplessness, weight loss, tics, slurred speech, cardiac problems and more.

Adderall is commonly given to children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Although the drug is an amphetamine (speed), it works inversely with these patients, allowing them to slow down, focus and concentrate. Sadly, some patients become dependent on Adderall to function, and over time, may find themselves dependent on other drugs to sleep at night, leading to a vicious cycle.

While Adderall addiction in adults who were medicated as children is particularly painful, many of our clients who are addicted to Adderall became so through recreational use, and not via a legitimate prescription. Some started using Adderall in college because they thought it would help them keep up with their classmates or excel in the classes (studies have disproven that Adderall is useful for this pursuit). Others began using Adderall as adults to get a competitive edge at work. Anecdotally, Adderall misuse is more common among men in professions such as coding, where working long hours is expected.

Although we see fewer women addicted to Adderall at our Alpine, Utah drug rehab center, and they may also use it for studying or work, they commonly use it as a weight-loss aid. In these instances, we offer dual diagnosis treatment if an eating disorder is also present.

And finally, some of our clients addicted to Adderall began using it simply to get high, perhaps crushing and snorting or injecting it for a faster, more intense high. These users sometimes mix Adderall with other substances, such as alcohol or marijuana, increasing the odds for a cardiac event or even death.

Adderall Detox

The idea of Adderall detox may be especially distressing to adults who have come to believe they require this drug to function — at school, at work and in society. The truth is that the symptoms of ADHD often wane with age, and what you may have needed when you were 11 or 12 may no longer be necessary at 25, 35 or 45. This is not to say Adderall detox will be easy, but that when you discover your true self in the absence of this drug, you may be pleasantly surprised at who you have grown into.

Clients addicted to Adderall often suffer from nervousness, sleeplessness, tremors, motor and vocal tics and other neurological impairments. Adderall detox can include some sleepless nights and lethargic days. Know that Alpine Recovery Lodge has a medical doctor as well as registered nurses on staff who oversee your Adderall detox, checking your blood pressure, heart rate, respiration and other metabolic functions to ensure that you remain safely healthy through the process.

As part of your detox, ongoing drug treatment or any new diagnoses, you may receive services from our staff physician. Medications such as an antidepressant, anti-anxiety medication or mood stabilizer may be recommended, but all our clients are given the option of completing their recovery program completely drug-free.

Adderall Rehabilitation

Drug rehab is a broad term that refers to a wide range of services. All good inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs provide therapy. At Alpine Recovery Lodge, you will participate in individual, group and family therapy.

Group therapy is an integral part of any drug rehab program, because it is in these groups that you see others who suffer the way you do, and you realize you are not alone in your struggles. There is no longer any need for shame, lying or keeping secrets, and this knowledge is what helps free you from your drug addiction.

Individual therapy is also necessary in drug rehab, because a drug addiction doesn’t just emerge out of nowhere — there are always catalysts. The most frequent culprits are anxiety, depression, trauma and other mental health problems, along with relationship challenges.

In providing therapy to our clients in Adderall rehab, we notice they often fall into one of four categories:

  •       If you were prescribed Adderall as a child, you may still be suffering from feelings of shame and inadequacy as a result of your teachers — and possibly your parents — labeling your behavior, and possibly your very nature, as abnormal, unacceptable and in need of correction.
  •       If you started abusing Adderall as a way to better compete with your classmates, you may have feelings of inadequacy, inferiority and insecurity. You may feel that your worth is connected to your grades and your performance.
  •       If you developed an Adderall addiction as a way to lose weight, you may be coping with an undiagnosed eating disorder. In the absence of a medically diagnosed condition like ADHD, Adderall can provide excessive energy and curb appetite, but also develop into a dangerous addiction.
  •       If you are addicted to Adderall in conjunction with other substances such as alcohol, you will want to find out what in your life fuels these addictions and what type of healthy behaviors you can learn to substitute for drug use in the future.

Family therapy is often part of Adderall rehabilitation, as Adderall use and addiction is frequently linked to performance, which may lead back to expectations in your family of origin. Some parents put heavy pressure on children to excel and succeed, and if these children fear they are unable to meet these expectations, they may turn to drugs such as Adderall for the extra edge they think it might provide.

Day Treatment and IOP for Adderall Addiction

Once you complete our residential recovery program, you will transition to day treatment, or PHP. This is an exciting time, because after you finish the program each day at 2:30, you will be allowed to leave our campus and return home to your family. We designed this transition to provide you the maximum amount of support that you may still need, balanced with new freedoms that slowly reintroduce you to your new life.

After you complete day treatment, you will move to IOP, or intensive outpatient treatment. Here you will receive many of the same services, but on a reduced scale. You will attend the program fewer hours per day and fewer days per week until you graduate.

Best Inpatient Adderall Recovery Center

As Alpine Recovery Lodge, you will finally have the time and space to find the peace that has eluded you for so long. Our inpatient drug rehab facility is located at the foot of the Wasatch Range, and rooms throughout the lodge provide panoramic views of the stunning scenery. Recovery from drug addiction almost always includes spending time in nature — this is one of the tenets of rehabilitation. While the reasons for drug addiction are many, our separation from the natural world and our immersion in a world of electronics, social media, news and an overabundant availability of food, alcohol and drugs pulls us away from our tranquil selves and into a space of constant chatter, competition and unhealthy messages.

As part of your nature and experiential therapy, you will spend time outdoors hiking, strolling the grounds in search of wildlife, sitting in contemplation in the gazebo, participating in therapy sessions around a fire pit, relaxing in a hammock or playing sports. We also encourage clients to express their emotions through painting, journaling, music, dance, arts and crafts, or other creative outlets. These extra features are what help set Alpine Recovery Lodge apart as the leading drug treatment center in Utah.

Our past clients sometimes get emotional when they think of their time here — the place where they received the warm and loving support they needed to break their drug addiction for good. They know they are always welcome here, and they speak fondly of the peace they felt hearing the birds sing, smelling nutritious food cooking and looking at the soaring, snow-capped mountains.

Are you addicted to Adderall, alcohol or both? We can help. Our doctors, nurses, therapists and counselors are here to help you get your life back. All you have to do is call.