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Cocaine Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Center in Alpine, Utah

Residential Rehab & Recovery Program Helps Men & Women Break Addiction Cycle

Whether you tried cocaine for the first time as a youngster or an adult, you likely thought that you would be able to control your drug use, and for a while, this may have been true. Some people use cocaine recreationally for many years without falling victim to addiction. Just because you were unable to do this doesn’t make you a bad person. You are simply a person who needs help separating yourself from your cocaine addiction, and the counselors at our inpatient drug treatment center are here for you.

Some people think of cocaine as an ’80s drug, but the truth is, Colombia is producing more cocaine now than it ever has. We tend to hear more about opioid addiction in the media for a variety of reasons, but according to the National Institutes of Health, there are still almost 1½ million people in the U.S. with a cocaine addiction. Cocaine ravages the body and mind, and the pocketbook too, leaving lives in ruin. If you have found yourself with a cocaine addiction, the professional staff at Alpine Recovery Lodge can help.

Cocaine Detox Facility in Alpine, Utah

The first step in any drug rehab program is detox. During this stage, the client separates completely from the drug. This method is sometimes referred to as “cold turkey,” versus cutting down and intending to eventually stop. Anyone who has been addicted to cocaine or any drug knows that gradually stopping drug use rarely works. Besides the fact that cocaine is physically addictive — meaning your body may need regular doses to avoid withdrawal symptoms — drugs like this often act as a crutch for users, and cocaine rehabilitation includes learning how to cope with the stresses and strains of life without the benefit of this drug.

As you are likely aware, cocaine produces feelings of well-being that may otherwise be elusive to you. You may have been the sort of person who was plagued with worries and anxieties, thoughts that you may not be doing a good job at work and about to be fired, that you were doing poorly in school and would fail or that your husband or wife must be just about to leave you because they have finally become aware of your inadequacies. Cocaine takes care of all these worries, convincing you that you are the best, the most interesting, most entertaining, smartest, most successful person there is. The relief is overwhelming.

When you have tried to cut down on your cocaine use, it may not have worked because you felt like you needed the drug to “perform,” whether at work, school or home. When you enter cocaine detox at our inpatient facility, you will no longer have access to this destructive drug. We have a medical doctor and nurses on staff to manage your detox from cocaine, ensuring you are safe and well during the process. Medications are generally not used to manage cocaine detox the way they are for opioid detox, as the symptoms and processes are different. While detoxing from cocaine, you may alternatively feel sleepless or fatigued, anxious or depressed, nervous or lethargic, have racing thoughts or trouble concentrating and suffer from irritability and possibly paranoia. These symptoms can be distressing and even lead to suicidal thoughts, which is why it is so important to undertake cocaine detox in an inpatient drug treatment center like Alpine Recovery Lodge.

Top Inpatient Rehabilitation in Alpine, Utah, for Cocaine Addiction

At our residential facility, part of your treatment will be participating in therapy: individual therapy, group therapy and possibly family therapy. Individual therapy is critically important for any drug addiction, and that includes addiction to cocaine. It is in individual therapy that you examine what got you to try this drug initially, how it made you feel and the process you went through to arrive at your full-blown cocaine addiction. Often, this involves a dual diagnosis that can include a mental health challenge such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or PTSD. Understanding your feelings and motivations helps you with learning new ways to deal with struggles and disappointments that don’t involve cocaine.

Group therapy is also important because it is here you learn that you are not alone in your addiction to cocaine — that everyone here is suffering from one type of addiction or another. This type of bonding and camaraderie teaches you that you no longer have to feel shame, tell lies or keep secrets about your cocaine addiction.

Oftentimes, family therapy is necessary to repair the damage your cocaine addiction has done to your loved ones. You may have told lies, hidden your habit or even stolen to feed your cocaine addiction. Whether it’s your parents, brothers and sisters, husband or wife, children or other relatives, family therapy helps rebuild your relationships and teaches everyone how to trust again.

The counselors and therapists at our cocaine addiction rehab facility also incorporate nature therapy into your recovery. We encourage clients to go outside and hike or walk throughout the grounds, play basketball or simply relax in the gazebo or a hammock. Nature is uniquely healing. We also encourage participation in experiential therapy, which may include drawing, painting, sculpting, playing music or pursuing another creative outlet as a way to manage and express your feelings.

Best Outpatient Day Treatment Facility in Alpine, Utah

Once you complete our residential rehab program, you will transition to our day treatment (PHP) program, which you will attend from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. five to six days per week. Once the program is over for the day, you will be allowed to leave and return home to your family. This is an exciting time, but not everyone is ready for such a big change, so understand that you will be allowed to continue to live at Alpine Recovery Lodge during this stage, should you so desire.

The final step in our program is IOP, or intensive outpatient services. In this stage, you will continue with the same type of services you received in day treatment, but on a reduced scale, attending for fewer hours per day and fewer days per week until you graduate.

Cocaine Rehab in Therapeutic Surroundings

At our inpatient drug treatment center, you are surrounded by the beauty of the Wasatch Mountains, the thick forest and the open meadows. Our well-appointed lodge is built with floor-to-ceiling windows so you can look out at any time and catch a glimpse of the snow-capped mountains, brilliant fall foliage or even the timid woodland creatures who share our space.

While you stay at our residential drug treatment facility, you will eat meals prepared for you by our professional chef, who puts an emphasis on health and nutrition. Nutritious meals, adequate hydration and rest, and regular exercise are keys to your continued success.

Our staff wants you to feel comfortable and supported during your stay at our drug rehab center. We know attending rehab can seem like a daunting prospect, but many times it ends up being the only way to move forward. A cocaine addiction is extremely difficult to beat on your own. Our trained staff is here to help. Call today.