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Amphetamines Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Center in Alpine, Utah

Residential Rehabilitation Center Provides Chance at Recovery

The way that an amphetamine addiction takes hold of a user is particularly insidious. At first, the drug is helpful in a way that many illegal street drugs are not, allowing you to achieve more and even excel. But this quickly leads to other problems such as dependence — and not just on amphetamines, but possibly barbiturates as well. Many celebrities have become addicted to amphetamines and barbiturates, notably Johnny Cash, who spoke candidly of his addiction and recovery. As you can see, amphetamine addiction can happen to anyone, and it’s hard to beat without the help of trained professionals. At our drug addiction recovery center, our doctor, nurses, therapists and counselors all work together to help you break the cycle of addiction and get the life back that you deserve.

Amphetamine Addiction Detox

The first step of any drug rehab plan is detox. You must rid your body of the substance that is making your life unmanageable. Your predicament may seem acutely unfair to you if you were prescribed amphetamines by your doctor to treat a legitimate medical condition such as ADHD, and we agree, but the process of detoxing from amphetamines is the same for those with prescriptions as it is for those who have used it illegally.

Amphetamine detox can come with a host of withdrawal symptoms including restlessness, insomnia, fatigue and brain fog. You may suffer for a time with anxiety and depression, as your system resets and learns how to regulate itself without the benefit of this drug.

Whether you took amphetamines legally or illegally, you may have done it for the same reason — to increase energy, focus and concentration. This may have been to complete schoolwork, perform your duties at work better or pursue creative outlets with more dedication and perseverance. You may have quickly seen that the benefits can translate to other areas of life, allowing you to clean the house faster, power through workouts easier and even quell social anxiety. Once you get this extra boost, it’s hard to go back to relying on your own body and mind to perform the way you want it to, and that’s when amphetamine addiction sets in.

Sadly, people addicted to amphetamines are often tempted to also use drugs that help them sleep, since they are often too stimulated to be able to get a good night’s rest. These two drugs are at odds, and work to ravage the body and mind over time. When you enter our amphetamine detox center, we will supervise your withdrawal from all the harmful substances to which you have become addicted.

At our inpatient drug treatment program, we have a doctor on staff to oversee your amphetamine detox. While prescription medications are rarely used to manage amphetamine detox, you will still benefit from being under the care of a doctor. Sadly, occurrences of suicidal thoughts have been documented during amphetamine detox, and this is one of the reasons our professional staff remains vigilant throughout the process.

Top Rehabilitation Center for Amphetamine Addiction

Amphetamine detox is the first step in the recovery process, but full rehabilitation involves more. At Alpine Recovery Lodge, we provide our clients with three types of therapy: individual, group and family. Each contributes toward the growth and change you need to make to become the person you want to be.

Individual therapy for amphetamine addiction helps you examine what drew you to abuse drugs in the first place. Did you become addicted to amphetamines because you believed you couldn’t keep up at work or school, that you were somehow inadequate or not enough? Family therapy often delves into how your addiction has affected your family, but in the case of ADHD meds, we may also examine any guilt your family feels at giving you the medication that led to your amphetamine addiction, and other family patterns that could play a part. It is during these individual or family sessions when it might become clear that underlying mental health issues are working to feed your amphetamine addiction. A dual diagnosis can deliver the help you need to treat all the issues you are battling, not just amphetamine addiction.

Group therapy is important for all types of addiction — not just amphetamine addiction. Group therapy brings people together who share a similar type of pain, and a goal of ridding themselves of this pain. When you meet others who are in the same situation you are in, you will see there is no longer a need to feel shame, or to lie to others about your amphetamine addiction.

At Alpine Recovery Lodge, we also incorporate nature and experiential therapy into our drug addiction rehab program. Getting outside in nature and moving your body are proven ways of helping your brain to feel joy and happiness. Our experiential therapy program focuses on expressing your pain and other emotions through creative pursuits, such as drawing, painting, sculpting, journaling, dancing and role-playing. These additional therapy programs are one of the many reasons that Alpine Recovery Lodge is known for being the top rehab center in Utah.

Best Outpatient Services and Day Treatment Program

Although we are best-known as an inpatient drug treatment center, we also provide outpatient services to those who have finished our residential program. These programs help you transition from a residential environment with 24-hour support to a wholly independent, new life.

The first step down after residential treatment is day treatment, which you attend five to six days per week from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. After completion each day, you are allowed to leave the campus and return home to your family. 

The third and final step in the program is intensive outpatient care, or IOP. In this program, you receive many of the same services you did with day treatment, but on a reduced scale. You will attend for fewer hours per day and you will gradually reduce the number of days you attend until you graduate from the program.

Modern, State-of-the-Art Drug Rehab Facility

At Alpine Recovery Lodge, our facilities are anything but clinical. Lodge is part of our name because of our beautiful building constructed of natural stone and wood, with floor-to-ceiling windows that allow clients to gaze out at the stunning Wasatch Mountains any time of day or night. Our well-appointed rooms provide the space and comfort you need to concentrate on your recovery and get well again. 

Our celebrated chef cooks every meal for residents, providing you with the delicious, nutritious food your body needs to regain its strength. 

Our professional staff has treated many clients with amphetamine addictions, helping them to get clean and live the happy, healthy, productive lives they once did. Don’t put off getting the help you need. Amphetamine detox on your own is hard, and if you’ve tried before and failed, know that the next time you want to try, we are here for you.