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Alcohol Rehab Utah

Alcohol Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Center in Alpine, Utah

Alcoholism Rehab & Residential Treatment Facility Puts Recovery Within Reach

Of all addictions in the U.S., addiction to alcohol is the most common. Alcohol is part of the culture here, as it is in many other countries as well. It is so ingrained it can be hard to avoid, and that’s one of the reasons addiction to alcohol is so persistent. If you are struggling with alcohol addiction, you undoubtedly know you are not alone in your battle. You and others you know may have tried to cut back or quit drinking altogether — without success. Here at Alpine Recovery Lodge, we understand exactly what you’re going through. And we designed our inpatient rehab program to give our clients the greatest chance at overcoming obstacles to their health and happiness. Here, we give you the tools you need to succeed.

Best Detox Center for Alcohol Addiction In Alpine, Utah

While most people understand the only way to beat a drug addiction is to go cold turkey, for some reason this philosophy is applied to alcohol addiction less frequently. Because some people use alcohol without becoming addicted to it, it is assumed others should have this ability as well — as if it is simply a matter of willpower. But it’s so much more than that.

When you arrive at our residential rehab facility, your first step toward getting better will be detox. How challenging this step will be depends upon several factors, including how much you have been drinking every day and for how many years. If you are more of a binge drinker or you tend to engage in multi-day extended periods of drinking alcohol (also known as a “bender”), you may not have the same kinds of physical symptoms during alcohol detox that others do.

Those who drink every day, or small amounts all day long, may find that their bodies rebel during alcohol detox, possibly resulting in shaking, sweating, nausea, fever, pain or even seizures. For symptoms on the extreme end of the scale, medication is available. What clients appreciate about Alpine Recovery Lodge is the fact that we have a medical doctor on staff who is available to monitor your detox from alcohol and to prescribe medication if necessary.

While medication can be helpful for alcohol detox, we understand that some of our clients — particularly those struggling with addiction to drugs as well as alcohol — may prefer to forego prescription medications, and we respect that choice.

Alcoholism Inpatient Rehab Program

Rehabilitation from alcohol addiction consists of many elements, the most important of which is therapy. At our inpatient treatment center, you will participate in many therapy sessions, including individual, group and possibly family.

In individual therapy, you will begin to discover some of the reasons you have developed the habit of self-medicating with alcohol. While alcoholism has a genetic component, growing up in a household in which alcohol was frequently and liberally consumed can sometimes lead to unhealthy habits. If your family and friends have encouraged you to drink to excess in their company, you must learn ways to resist their efforts and cope with their disappointment when you change and are no longer addicted to alcohol.

It is in individual therapy that a number of our clients receive a dual diagnosis of alcohol addiction with an underlying mental health issue, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD or a mood disorder. Whether this was a condition you were born with, one that arose over time or one that developed as a result of trauma, treatment will allow you to regain balance and peace in your life.

All the residents at our inpatient alcohol rehab program are also required to participate in group therapy. Group therapy is critically important to recovery. It helps you to understand that there are others just like you, fighting the same battle you are. Spending time with them, listening to their stories and telling yours, is a way to rid yourself of shame, guilt or fears you may have internalized as part of your alcohol addiction.

Family therapy sessions are also available, should you and your loved ones want to take advantage of this benefit. Long-term alcohol addiction often is accompanied by serious relationship problems, sometimes exacerbated by lying, cheating or stealing. Our licensed therapists can help you and your family members forgive, build trust and repair your relationships.

We also encourage our clients to participate in experiential therapy — a tool they will be able to turn to and use their entire lives. In experiential therapy, you participate in a creative pursuit that helps you to better understand yourself and your feelings, and is an effective way to express emotions. This may include painting, drawing, sculpting, journaling, playing music or another creative outlet.

Top Residential Treatment Facility For Alcoholism in Alpine, Utah

We constructed our inpatient rehabilitation center with your peace and recovery in mind. Our well-appointed lodge is warm, inviting and welcoming, with the towering Wasatch Range visible through the floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the entire lodge. These awe-inspiring mountains are constant reminders to our clients of how they too can be strong, durable and resilient.

While you stay here at our residential treatment facility, all your meals will be prepared for you by our esteemed chef, who is well-known for her delicious and nutritious food, made fresh just for you, to help you regain your strength and resolve.

Alcoholism Day Treatment & Intensive Outpatient Services

Once you complete the residential treatment program, you will move a step down to day treatment, also known as PHP. This is a big step, as this is the point at which you will attend our outpatient program during the day and return home to your family at night. It’s an exciting time, because you will have made tremendous progress and will regain significant freedoms, but it is also a challenging time, because you are essentially returning to the real world, complete with its temptations. During this transitional period, you are fully supported by our staff and continue to receive therapy.

As a final step in your recovery from alcohol addiction, you will enter our IOP (intensive outpatient) program. In this program, you will take another step down and continue moving through your recovery with less support and structure. This program continues to be available to former clients, should the need ever arise.

Get the Help You Need to Recover from Alcohol Addiction

If you’re reading this, your life has likely become unmanageable due to your alcohol addiction. You may have lost jobs, money and relationships. It’s hard, and it may seem unbearable at times, but we are here to show you that life can be different. You can emerge from your alcohol addiction stronger than you ever were before, and you can enjoy life again — with your spouse, your kids, your parents. It can take a while before you’re ready to make the call to our residential treatment facility, but when that time comes, we’ll be here to answer.

We have the tools to rebuild your life or the life of a loved one. Call us today to learn more: