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Ritalin Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Center in Alpine, Utah

Your Ritalin Recovery Starts Today

Like a number of other prescription drugs that many people fall victim to, Ritalin may have first been given to you by your doctor in a misguided attempt to help you. Fast forward a number of years, and you find yourself on a drug addiction treatment facility website, looking for help to stop taking that same drug. Whether you became addicted to Ritalin after receiving a legitimate prescription from a doctor or you tried it for other reasons and it has gotten out of hand, our medical staff and counselors can help you. You may feel as if you can’t get through the day without Ritalin, but we’re here to tell you that you can, and we can show you how.

Detox from Ritalin Addiction at Our Inpatient Facility

The first time you took Ritalin, whether it was prescribed to you or not, you likely found it helpful. It may have improved your focus, concentration and mood, and helped you to stay awake longer and be more creative and productive. While these results seem positive, you may have also experienced less-welcome symptoms, such as irritability or increased temper. Another unpleasant side effect of stimulant usage is the emergence of OCD symptoms, including intrusive thoughts or repetitive, compulsive actions.

Whether you took your prescribed amount faithfully or have abused Ritalin and taken more than necessary, you may have experienced the need for more and more to achieve the same effect, which can result in Ritalin addiction. You may have eventually crushed this drug or others to snort or inject it to get high faster. We also commonly see those addicted to Ritalin who combine this drug with alcohol or other drugs to boost or modify the effect, or instead become addicted to other substances such as Ambien or benzodiazepines, since sleeping becomes more difficult. They may rely on Zoloft or Lorazepam to keep anxiety or depression at bay.

When you try to stop, you may feel incredibly anxious, depressed, angry and even suffer physical symptoms such as sleeplessness, lethargy, gastrointestinal disturbances, dizziness and headaches.

Ritalin detox may have been too difficult to achieve on your own, but the medical doctors, therapists and counselors at our Utah drug detox center can help.

Depending on your withdrawal symptoms, our physician may or may not recommend taking a prescription medication to get you through the first stages of Ritalin detox. These might include an antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication, or another type of medicine to mitigate physical symptoms. In fact, depression is a common symptom that can result from Ritalin detox. But here at Alpine Recovery Lodge, we know that the last thing some of our patients want is another prescription, and we understand. Sometimes it’s easier to just go cold turkey, get through the hard part and eventually emerge drug-free. We’re here to help you through it, providing therapy, support, nutritious meals, exercise outdoors and teaching assistive skills such as meditation, yoga and healing through experiential therapy. We do not require anyone in Ritalin detox to take prescription medications unnecessarily.

Best Treatment for Ritalin Addiction

There are similarities among all types of alcohol and drug rehab, but there are also differences depending on the type of drug a user is addicted to. At our drug rehab facility, we provide talk therapy to all clients, including individual, group and family therapy, with each one providing a different benefit. In individual therapy, you will explore how and why you became addicted to Ritalin. You may have begun using it because it was prescribed to you, but then discovered you could stay up later and get more done if you took more. If you took Ritalin without a prescription, either recreationally or to achieve a specific goal such as studying for a test, you may have found you became dependent on Ritalin not just physically, but also psychologically, believing you needed it to work, attend school or function as a member of society.

In individual therapy, you will explore concepts such as why you might feel you must compete with others or why you may grapple with feelings of inadequacy or worthlessness. Family therapy can be important with Ritalin addiction as well, as oftentimes it is the parents who first gave their children Ritalin and carry the burden of guilt. Although they believed at the time that it was the right thing to do, when they see the damage that has been done, family members are often remorseful, tearful and even distraught.

Group therapy for Ritalin addiction is critical as well, because you will be able to see that you are not alone in your addiction, and many others are wrestling with the same demons. Some of our clients are wracked with guilt, shame or even regret at ever having taken that first pill, but prescription drug addiction is not a moral failing, it’s an illness that our counselors can help you conquer.

In addition to talk therapy, the counselors at our addiction treatment center provide nature and experiential therapy. It has been proven that being out in nature reduces mental health symptoms, helping to instill feelings of calm and contentment.

Outpatient Day Treatment for Ritalin Addiction

Once you have completed our residential drug treatment program, you will transition to the next stage in your recovery – attending our day treatment (PHP) program. You will attend therapy and education sessions from 9:30 to 2:30 five to six days per week, after which you will be allowed to leave each day and return home to your family. This is a big transition, a time when you begin getting used to living with less supervision.

The final step in the program is IOP, or intensive outpatient treatment. This program provides many of the same services as our day treatment program, but for fewer hours per week. You will gradually reduce the number of days you attend until you graduate.

Top Residential Treatment Facility for Ritalin Addiction

At our inpatient rehab program in Utah, you will find not only the space and time you need to recover from your Ritalin addiction, but also the support you need from our caring and knowledgeable staff, who will teach you the skills to cope without the need to depend on ADHD drugs.

Our beautiful rehab center is located at the base of the Wasatch Range, and includes acres of woodland, forests and meadows. We strongly encourage our clients to spend time outdoors no matter the season, hitting the hiking trails in the woods, wandering lazily through open fields, relaxing on a hammock on the lawn or participating in group therapy around the fire pit.

Part of your recovery from addiction includes eating delicious and nutritious meals, prepared lovingly by our all-star chef. Good food, adequate sleep and hydration, and the support of friends, family and therapists are important parts of your continued rehabilitation.

The first step in breaking your addiction to Ritalin is to make a call to our rehab center. Talk to someone on our staff — someone who understands you and what you are going through. We’re here for you, whenever you’re ready.