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Alpine Recovery Lodge Areas Served

It does matter where you go to recover from your addiction. Alpine Recovery Lodge is located in the most beautiful location in Utah, surrounded by mountains, flowering trees and the alpine air. This is tranquility at its most brilliant.

It’s the environment that will guide you to the route to recovery.

And, the lodge is closer than you think. It’s about a two to three hour drive from cities in eastern Idaho including Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Blackfoot, and four hours from Twin Falls. Alpine Recovery Lodge is also about five hour drive from the Idaho’s largest city of Boise.

Alpine Recovery Lodge offers patients a full range of treatments to help you battle addiction. Our dedicated team of clinicians has the answer to alcohol addiction, drug addiction, and can assist in setting up an intervention. Our recovery strategy makes use of our extraordinary location in the mountains. We provide nature-infused therapy that includes physical fitness such as hiking and yoga. It’s an environment ripe for awakening the spiritual doors of patients.

At Alpine Recovery Lodge, we believe in treating more than just the surface addiction. Our comprehensive list of traditional addiction treatments is paired with a holistic approach that lets patients to determine the root of their addiction. This approach allows for treatment of the whole person, which in turn leads to a more promising recovery.

This holistic approach brings:

• Peace – Your rehabilitation takes place away from the high-stress environment that is often the source of the addiction.
• Balance – Using yoga, we help you find balance between mind, body, and spirit.
• Proper nutrition – A good diet leads to your body and mind working at its best.
• Self-Appreciation – Yoga, meditation, and relaxation techniques all link the patient with acceptance of their inner self. We help patients find the best techniques that work best for their recovery.
• Positive Thought – Our holistic approach allows patients to combat the negative thoughts and emotions that often lead to lapses.
• Spirituality – Alpine Recovery Lodge provides a safe place to re-discover your religion or general belief in a higher power. These understanding are often weakened amid the torment of addiction.

Alpine Recovery Lodge combines this holistic approach with a comprehensive list of healing modalities typically associated with a world-class rehabilitation center. We have a multi-disciplined team of specialists that includes psychiatrists, counselors, and support staff. Affordable treatments can last 30, 60 and 90 days. And these treatments are often covered by insurance.

The traditional and holistic pairing has made Alpine Recovery Lodge one of the most well-known rehabilitation clinics in Utah. Contact us today electronically or give us a call at 1-877-415-4060. You can also get your recovery started here by getting the admissions process started.

We hope you will let us guide you to the road to recovery soon.