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Marijuana Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Center in Alpine, Utah

Marijuana Rehab Facility Provides Caring, Supportive Services

For many years, people said marijuana isn’t addictive, but at our residential rehab center, we are finding this is not true. While marijuana withdrawal may not induce the same kinds of harsh physical symptoms as opioid withdrawal, quitting a marijuana habit isn’t easy. Know that we understand, and we’re here to help. Whether you are addicted to marijuana, alcohol, both or even other drugs as well, you can rest assured we have seen people in your position before, and we know how to help you recover from your addiction and get your life back.

Detoxing from Marijuana

Marijuana can be just as habit-forming as alcohol and other drugs. The habit may form slowly, over time, so that it seems like your marijuana addiction has snuck up on you. You may have started smoking weed with friends on the weekends or at parties, and eventually graduated to buying your own bag. After a while, you found yourself smoking when you woke up, at work or school, and in order to go to sleep. You may even wake up at night and need to smoke more to get back to sleep. Soon, you realize you’re high almost 24/7, and when you’re not, you feel strange.

Although marijuana is not known to be particularly lethal, you don’t live your best life if you’re high all the time. Your performance at work or school suffers, you become a distracted driver, you’re robbed of energy and you spend too much time sleeping. Any drive or ambition you had has been eradicated by your drug addiction. It can be hard to quit, or even cut down. When you come to our inpatient drug treatment center, we will supervise and help you through your detox from marijuana.

If you have been a heavy marijuana user, you may experience physical symptoms similar to the delirium tremors (DTs) suffered during alcohol withdrawal. These include shaking, fever, chills, headache, sweating and abdominal pain. These symptoms are not usually severe enough to require medical intervention from our doctor. However, we always monitor all patients during drug and alcohol detox to ensure they remain healthy and well.

During your detox from marijuana, you will likely feel symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as sleeplessness and perhaps agitation or irritability. This is normal. With a marijuana addiction, however, as with alcohol addiction, there is often another underlying condition present, such as a mental health challenge. When people turn to drugs or alcohol, it’s often to self-medicate and to try to quell unpleasant feelings. In this case, we might provide a dual diagnosis and recommend treatment for the underlying condition, which will help you throughout your rehab program.

Top Marijuana Rehab & Recovery Program

An important tenet of rehabilitation from any drug or alcohol addiction is therapy. At Alpine Recovery Lodge, we provide three types of therapy: individual, group and family. Individual therapy will focus on you and how you got to the situation you are in right now. This is where underlying conditions are often discovered, such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or PTSD. You’ll discover what your triggers are, and you’ll learn how to replace your unhealthy choices with new coping skills that you will learn.

Group therapy is an integral part of any drug rehab program. In group therapy, you see that there are many others like you in the very same situation. Many times what prevents people from seeking the help they need is fear and shame. They are afraid that people will find out about their addiction and shun them. Ironically, people addicted to drugs or alcohol often don’t realize that everyone else already knows about it. Only you think it’s a secret. Once you make the decision to commit to come to an inpatient rehab center, your loved ones will be able to feel hope again.

In many cases, our clients benefit from family therapy. A marijuana addiction affects not only the user, but the people closest to them as well. You have likely made promises you haven’t kept, told lies or possibly even stolen from others to support your habit. Many families feel sad, angry and worn out from the stress of living with someone addicted to marijuana. Family therapy can bring you back together again, helping you to rebuild the trust that addiction broke.

As part of our drug addiction treatment program, we also offer nature therapy. Being outside in nature is an important part of healing and staying healthy. We encourage our clients to take advantage of our hiking paths, basketball court and hammocks. Moving your body, getting fresh air and experiencing the calming effects of nature can help bring you the peace you have sought for so long.

We also encourage clients to participate in experiential therapy, working out their feelings and their pain through creative pursuits such as journaling, playing music or painting. No special talent is needed to benefit from experiential therapy, you just need to be willing to try.

Intensive Outpatient Care & Day Treatment

For those who have completed our inpatient rehab program, we provide day treatment (PHP) and intensive outpatient (IOP) services. The transition from living in a residential treatment facility to attending a day treatment program is significant. You will attend the program five to six days a week from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., then you will be free to leave and return home to your family. 

The final stage in our rehab program is IOP. In this stage, you will continue to receive most of the same services you had in day treatment, but on a reduced scale. You will gradually start coming fewer days per week until you graduate from the program.

Residential Treatment Center Provides Therapeutic Care in Alpine, Utah

You will find our residential drug treatment program located at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains in beautiful Alpine, Utah. We chose this location because it is so inspiring. Our lodge is built with floor-to-ceiling windows so clients can look out at any time at the snow-capped mountains, leafy green trees or the woodland creatures that also call our property home.

While you stay here with us, all your meals will be prepared for you by our esteemed chef, who creates a menu with the goal of providing the most nutritious, delicious food possible. Living a healthy lifestyle includes eating healthy food, staying hydrated and getting adequate rest and exercise.

A residential treatment program for recovery from a marijuana addiction gives you the best chance at success. Our days are filled with learning and healthy activities as we help you transform your life from unmanageable to happy and successful once again.

Are you ready? We’re here for you.