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Treatments Overview at Alpine Recovery Lodge

A Holistic Approach To Treatment Modalities For Substance Abuse

Addiction has many causes, but it often coexists with mental health disorders. Treating both the substance use disorder and underlying mental health condition is essential to achieving positive outcomes.

We prioritize the emotional comfort and well-being of all patients. The team at Alpine Recovery Lodge strives to provide an inspiring and wellness-focused environment that facilitates emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.

Alpine Recovery Lodge offers treatment modalities for substance abuse that work. Our therapies achieve exceptional outcomes for individuals struggling with all levels of addiction. We provide the following treatments for substance misuse and abuse.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Substance use disorders are incredibly challenging to overcome without a targeted treatment plan.

At Alpine Recovery Lodge, our team of addiction specialists will integrate treatment modalities for substance abuse that focus on the core psychological concerns triggering self-medicating impulses. These interventions include science-based therapeutic programs for alcohol and drug dependency.

Detox Program

Detoxification is critical to successful recovery, but it must be pursued in a clinical setting to ensure safe rehabilitation. The experience of unassisted withdrawal is often so unpleasant that it’s a significant reason people hesitate to pursue recovery.

However, we offer the support and resources that make the experience as comfortable as possible. Our medically supervised detox program is designed to minimize withdrawal symptoms while cleansing the body of impurities and harmful chemicals.

Dual Diagnosis

When substance use disorder coexists with a mental health disorder, it is classified as a dual diagnosis. Therapeutic modalities involve simultaneous addiction treatment and psychological intervention. Alpine Recovery Lodge connects patients with licensed mental health professionals with extensive co-occurring addiction disorder experience.


Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is a highly effective, innovative form of alternative therapy that has demonstrated tremendous efficacy in mitigating the symptoms of anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and complex traumas.

EMDR involves evaluating a patient’s physical reaction during the recollection of trauma. After a few sessions, the painful, negative responses to the memory of the trauma will have diminished significantly.

Faith-Based Addiction Recovery Program

Healing from addiction and co-occurring disorders involves physical, emotional, and spiritual intervention.

Alpine Recovery Lodge offers faith-based addiction recovery program in addition to our full range of addiction and mental health treatment protocols. Our personalized treatment plans integrate faith-based teachings into proven treatment modalities for substance abuse.

With powerful spiritual guidance, patients are able to build a strong foundation of enlightenment and hope.

The 12-Step Program

The 12-step treatment model has been a trusted rehabilitation solution for decades, providing people who struggle with substance misuse a safe space to share their challenges and experiences with addiction.

Trauma and PTSD Treatment

Complex trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder are among the most common co-occurring conditions in people struggling with alcohol and drug dependency. Physical and emotional traumas caused by assault, abuse, or severe long-standing stress can trigger the impulse to self-medicate. Alpine Recovery Lodge provides a holistic range of treatment programs designed to address patients’ individual experiences compassionately and effectively.

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