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Dual Diagnosis Substance Abuse

It is not unusual for someone with a mental health condition to also struggle with an addiction disorder. When multiple disorders coexist, they must be treated simultaneously to achieve optimal outcomes.

When an individual chooses to begin the rehab process, a qualified mental health clinician must investigate the presence of a dual diagnosis disorder. This approach allows for a rehab program to be more effective at treating the root causes of addiction.

What is Dual Diagnosis?

Mental health conditions frequently exacerbate addiction disorders. A dual diagnosis treatment center will provide comprehensive therapeutic intervention to address a broad spectrum of co-occurring conditions. 

Research shows that over 50 percent of people diagnosed with a mental disorder will also have a substance abuse problem.

When a person is dealing with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other issues caused by factors that range from chemical imbalances to trauma, they often begin to abuse or become dependent upon medications or illicit drugs. It isn’t long before their mental health issues are compounded by substance abuse.

People who suffer from co-occurring disorders want to feel just like everyone else. Family members recognize that they struggle with addiction and mental health issues but may not address the issues out of fear and insecurity. Although psychiatric conditions and addiction can be challenging for both the addict and their family members, acknowledgment is the first step in getting an accurate assessment and appropriate treatment.

The following conditions frequently exacerbate substance use disorders:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Phobias
  • Stress
  • Trauma

People struggling with dual diagnosis disorder frequently have more than one mental health concern contributing to their substance misuse. It is also common for people to struggle with multiple addiction disorders, such as an addiction to substances and a behavioral addiction (compulsive gambling or shopping).

It is very important to note that while mental health disorders can worsen substance misuse, substance misuse can worsen mental health disorders. This cyclical relationship can cause severe mental and physical decline.

Alpine Recovery Lodge Dual Diagnosis Treatment

The addiction specialists at Alpine Recovery Lodge offer in-depth treatment that targets the core issues that contribute to addiction.

Successful recovery requires a holistic approach; our clinicians and counselors offer decades of experience and a whole-body wellness approach to recovery that yields exceptional outcomes.

Our dual diagnosis treatment center is a supportive, secure, and tranquil environment where residents explore the difficult issues that factor into their addiction disorders. At Alpine Recovery Lodge, our licensed medical professionals take the time to carefully diagnose each patient to determine if mental illness issues are occurring along with the substance abuse so that we can determine the most effective way to treat the person as a whole.

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