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Heroin Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Center in Alpine, Utah

Heroin Rehabilitation Facility for Men and Women in Alpine, Utah

Best Residential Heroin Addiction Treatment

Along with opioids, heroin addiction is well-known for being particularly difficult to overcome. Most recreational drugs create a feeling of well-being, but heroin is especially powerful in this respect, and experimentation can quickly lead to a dependence that can result in acute mental and physical pain during withdrawal. At our inpatient heroin rehab facility here in Utah, we can help you through the difficult stages of withdrawal, giving you the medical intervention, support and skills you need to make a full recovery from heroin addiction.

Alpine, Utah, Heroin Detox Program

Detox from any addiction is a challenging process that’s easier in the right supportive environment. With heroin detox, it is often helpful — but not necessary — to have medical intervention. Prescription medications can help ease cravings as well as the physical symptoms of heroin addiction withdrawal such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle cramps, sleeplessness and more, all without producing the high that you get from heroin. At Alpine Recovery Lodge, we have a medical doctor on staff who supervises your heroin detox, whether you choose to use medication or not.

As you might expect, the first days of heroin withdrawal are the hardest, with the severity of cravings and symptoms decreasing with each day. During this time, our staff members — including a doctor, nurses, therapists and counselors — are with you, providing the support you need to get you through this challenging time.

While professional support is invaluable with heroin detox, another tremendous benefit you get at our inpatient rehab facility is the freedom to concentrate on your recovery without all the noise of everyday life. That means no work, no cooking, no cleaning, no family responsibilities. Your only responsibility is you, and getting well again. This is easier to achieve in a residential drug treatment center, where you are surrounded by others who are going through the very same experience. Here, there is no need for shame, secrets or lies — no one is going to judge you.

Top Rehab & Recovery Program for Heroin Addiction

When you are looking at heroin addiction rehab facilities, you want to choose the one that provides you with the best chance at success. With heroin, this is often through medical intervention done under the care of a physician. Many heroin rehabilitation centers do not have a doctor on staff. They may provide methadone, but as you are likely aware, in the absence of a robust drug rehab program, methadone simply replaces heroin, and the dependence can continue for years.

At our inpatient drug treatment center, we not only provide medical supervision during heroin detox, but we also operate an intensive and effective therapy program. Our clients participate in multiple therapy sessions daily — group, individual and in some cases family therapy. Group therapy sessions are critical to drug addiction recovery, because they provide a needed sense of community. Studies show that social isolation leads to greater alcohol and substance use, and this is why many people recovering from drug addictions choose to attend support groups for months or even years after their initial detox. Meanwhile, in individual therapy sessions, you have the time and space to delve into what fuels your heroin addiction, whether it be PTSD from trauma, mental health challenges like bipolar disorder or other issues such as your relationships and the habits you formed in your family of origin. Additionally, many of our clients benefit from family therapy, where you can begin to heal the wounds caused by drug addiction.

We also offer both nature and experiential therapy, which we believe makes a key difference in our clients’ progress, whether they are here for drug rehab, mental health treatment or both. Research indicates that spending time in nature and moving your body play a critical role in overcoming not just drug or alcohol addiction, but also anxiety and depression. Experiential therapy may overlap with nature therapy and include movement such as hiking, sports or dance, or it may focus on creative outlets such as painting, role-playing, writing poetry or playing music.

Oftentimes drug addiction and mental health issues are co-occurring, and one may fan the flames of another. At our drug addiction treatment center, we provide dual diagnosis treatment. When clients come to us seeking assistance with drug or alcohol addiction, it’s not infrequent that we find that they also struggle with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or another mental health challenge. It is important to diagnose and treat each issue, to give you the best chance of success here and in the future.

IOP & Day Treatment Options for Heroin Addiction

Getting clean from a heroin addiction is a major achievement, but it isn’t quick or easy. Our residential treatment program gets you through the hardest part, and our outpatient recovery services help you slowly – and safely – ease back into your life. Once you complete residential treatment, you transition to our day treatment (PHP) program. Here, you will attend five to six days a week from 9:30 to 2:30 p.m., after which you will be allowed to return home to your family. It’s an exciting step.

The final step in your recovery will be our IOP, or intensive outpatient program. In this program, you will receive most of the same services you had available to you in day treatment, but on a reduced scale. You will attend IOP for fewer hours per day and gradually reduce the number of days per week that you come until you graduate from the program.

Inpatient Drug Treatment Center in a Tranquil Setting

Our residential heroin addiction treatment facility is located in a lush, bucolic setting in beautiful Alpine, Utah. The soaring Wasatch Range is on display every day through the floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the lodge. No matter the season, you will enjoy peaceful walks on hiking trails through the woods, leisurely strolls in open fields or quiet afternoons in a hammock set up on the landscaped grounds. The healing power of nature — bright sunshine, fresh air and stunning scenery — helps to facilitate your recovery from drug addiction and aids you in building a lifelong bond with the outdoors that you can always depend on as a source of strength and comfort.

Our well-appointed rooms provide you with the comfort you need to get you through the hardest parts of drug detox, with cozy beds, soft pillows, warm blankets and a staff who’s here to support you when you need it most. Our chef prepares delicious, nutritious meals daily, because we know how important it is — during drug detox or any time — that you nourish your body with the clean fuel and nutrients it needs to thrive. 

Getting Clean from a Heroin Addiction

At Alpine Recovery Lodge, we have spent years developing and refining our inpatient treatment program to provide our clients with the best possible chance at full recovery from heroin addiction, and a clean and bright future. 

If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, the team at Alpine Recovery Lodge in Utah can help you get your life back. Although you may feel shame, guilt and even hopelessness, we’re here to tell you that you deserve health and happiness, and we can help you get it. Contact us today to get started on the road to recovery.