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Holistic Addiction Treatment

Nutrition, Fitness, and our Holistic Approach to Recovery

If someone abuses drugs and alcohol, these toxic substances will have an adverse effect on physical health and well-being. The correlation between our mental state and the overall physical health of our bodies is very significant. At Alpine Recovery Lodge we wholeheartedly believe –  and studies have shown –  that the mind-body connection is an incredibly powerful force for positive change. As a result, we encourage residents to enlist the power of their thoughts in the battle to recover and remain healthy. Having control over the body and mind means more success for residents now and in the future.

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The Alpine Recovery Lodge believes that it is essential to treat addictions in a broader context than physical aspects alone. Moreover, coping techniques, and other conventional methods alone are also simply not enough to ensure that residents will fully recover long-term.

Treating the individual as a whole, or using a “holistic” approach in rehab methods is the most effective way to help residents recover from a drug addiction. For this reason, our dedicated professionals place just as much importance on spiritual development and emotional well-being as we do physical health.

When treatment approaches are combined, we are better able to treat the resident as a whole, determine the root of their issues, and ensure that they will be successful throughout their recovery process.

Meditation, neurochemical vitamin therapy, and yoga are all treatments that may be used in our holistic approach.

Individuals who abuse drugs and alcohol suffer ill effects from these powerful and toxic substances (both alcohol and drugs). In addition to those effects, abusers often become lax in other areas where their health is concerned. They tend to eat poorly, don’t exercise, and are prone to negative thinking and despair.

These behaviors result in their being more vulnerable to the negative effects of stress and increased dependency on substances to feel “normal” or “good” again. This cycle of thinking and behavior prevents their efforts to recover from addiction.


We consider all health aspects at our Holistic Recovery center

While you might not consider nutrition to be an important component of rehabilitation, proper nutrition can boost mental health as well as physical health. Studies have shown that well-nourished individuals have significantly higher chances of remaining in recovery for the long-term.


Exercise Improves All Areas of Life

Regular exercise can also strengthen and detoxify our minds and bodies so that we are able to regenerate damaged cells and create endorphins to reduce stress levels.

An exercise routine that is challenging, exciting, and fun will foster a more disciplined and productive lifestyle. Stress levels will be dramatically reduced, and residents will find that they will have improved coping abilities. All able-bodied residents of our holistic treatment center are given a customized exercise plan that will encourage recovery and promote good health overall.


Small steps lead to big change

We believe that if residents are exposed to healthier lifestyle options, they will feel the benefits and realize that a healthier lifestyle will actually help them overcome their addiction. By taking small steps every day, residents can see that reaching their goals is possible.

That realization and experience will more likely carry over the good habits into their everyday life. This will help them sustain their success long after they’ve left rehab.


Set recovery goals and reach them at Alpine Recovery Lodge

Working with our licensed therapists, residents will set goals and explore roadblocks that might prevent them from achieving those goals. While some residents are not able to participate in exercise and physical activity right away, as residents become stronger they’ll be introduced to exercise that is good for the mind and the body.

If detox is required when a resident arrives at Alpine Recovery Lodge in Utah, they might not be able to begin their customized exercise plan right away. During this time, our therapists will continue to provide ongoing support and a holistic approach to recovery that encourages small movements and small victories each day.

Setting goals is an integral part of recovery. Some residents use physical activity to refocus their mind and condition their bodies. When people see their body as something that needs to be nurtured and not abused, they start to change their thinking toward drugs and alcohol, as well as other destructive behaviors.

We encourage a variety of physical activities including walking, jogging, swimming, dance, and more. It’s essential that residents find an activity that is right for them. If forced to participate, they won’t feel connected to the activity and it may trigger additional problems for recovery. So when a resident is interested in an activity, we encourage them to participate as much as possible.


A balanced approach to addiction recovery can last a lifetime

Getting outside and breathing fresh air, doing yoga, participating in meditation, and eating balanced, healthy meals can all contribute to overall wellness and an increased chance of long-term sobriety. These are good habits that can follow a person for the rest of their life.

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Holistic Therapies For Addiction Recovery

When Holistic therapies are combined with conventional treatment methods such as a 12-step program, group therapy, individual therapy and family therapy sessions residents benefit greatly. We integrate our treatment approaches to give residents the best treatment services that we possibly can.

When people come to us to receive help for their addictions, we focus on their individual needs, to provide holistic addiction treatment that will be best suited to their specific issues, needs, and circumstances.

Every resident will receive care in a comfortable, non-threatening atmosphere where they will feel valued. residents will always be treated with compassion and respect. These are key components of holistic rehabilitation.

Here at the Alpine Recovery Lodge, our holistic treatment center offers a range of high quality, multi-faceted alcohol and drug addiction treatments that are designed to treat the underlying cause of the addiction, rather than the physical symptoms alone.

Some of the things that residents can expect from holistic treatment can include:

Peace and a Sense of Calmness: The nervousness and anxiety that addicts often experience generally comes from the physical effects of long-term drug usage, and the worry obtaining their next high. With a holistic addiction treatment approach, residents will be able to achieve peace and calmness in their lives, and to experience a balance between the body, spirit, and mind. When this balance is achieved residents are much more likely to respond to the drug and alcohol treatments they are given.

Information on How Beneficial and Important a Good Nutrition and Diet Program Can Actually Be: When a resident gets all of the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that their body needs to thrive, their spirit and mind functionality will be greatly enhanced. This will help them to achieve a successful recovery. Good nutrition is essential to keeping your brain functioning at high levels.

Self-Love and Appreciation: Self-love, a sense of worth, and appreciation is accomplished through relaxation techniques, meditation, and mindfulness practices. It is important that our residents be given multiple holistic approaches for their addiction, so that they can select the types of holistic treatments that work best for their individual needs in the recovery process.

Learn the Power of Positive Thinking: One of the major components of our holistic treatment programs is to help residents handle and avoid the negative thoughts or influences that arise in their lives. This is something that they will not only use during their treatments, but throughout their lives as well. The power of the mind, and positive thinking, is amazing.

Restored Spirituality: When a person becomes addicted to alcohol or drugs, their spirituality can suffer greatly. Our treatment programs will help residents to rejuvenate and restore their spirituality. They will also be in a peaceful, safe environment where they can deeply explore their religious convictions.


Nutrition & Holistic Recovery

Obtaining good nutrition is vital to every aspect of health’ and therefore greatly affects the recovery process. Those who have experienced chronic addiction and abuse can suffer from nutritional deficiencies. This leads to an increase in their risk of serious health problems. Many alcohol and drug addicts enter rehab treatment both malnourished and unhealthy.


The importance of good nutrition while in drug rehab

Nutritional deficiencies can worsen withdrawal symptoms, bringing discouragement and making it difficult for a person to focus while in recovery. These deficiencies might also encourage cravings that could potentially sabotage a person’s addiction recovery process.

Foods that are high in protein, rich in amino acids, vitamin B12, probiotics, and essential fatty acids, with the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients have been proven to quickly reverse the deficiencies that are commonly seen in addicts.

Studies have clearly shown that having a healthy diet is the key to being successful with addiction recovery. If a person chooses to go into recovery but doesn’t nourish their bodies sufficiently while in recovery and afterward are greatly lessening their chances of success.

We provide a variety of nutrient rich foods and supplements. After just one month of nutritional rehabilitation, most addicts see their health improve significantly.


Nutritional Counseling

Because we approach holistic addiction treatment and recovery with the attitude of teaching life-skills and empowering people so that they can make good decisions concerning their own health, we include nutritional counseling in our comprehensive program.

Patients in rehab treatment that receive nutritional counseling will have a much better rate of success with their sobriety once their treatment program is complete.

Once individuals have information—such as the fact that recovering addicts tend to gravitate towards caffeine and sugar, which can cause blood sugar level problems, mood swings, and increase cravings, or the fact that diets that are high in refined carbs and saturated fats can also pose a risk and increase cravings – they tend to make positive and permanent changes in their diets.


Learn more about Nutrition & Fitness in the recovery process

If you want more information about how our fitness, nutrition, and overall holistic approach to recovery can help you overcome addiction, contact Alpine Recovery Lodge today. Our licensed therapists and team of experienced professionals are waiting to help you regain control over your life with a well-rounded approach that is based on your needs, wants, and goals.

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