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Individual therapy sessions for addiction recovery

Individual Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Alpine, Utah

Get the help you need to overcome addiction with individual therapy suited to your needs

When you make the decision to get your life back and overcome addiction, Alpine Recovery Lodge is here to help. Our personalized treatment plans help people identify and overcome triggers that can lead to relapses and struggles related to addiction. As part of our treatment process, residents of Alpine Recovery Lodge participate in individual therapy to give them the space and time they need to work through the recovery process.


Individual Therapy at Alpine Recovery Lodge

When residents arrive at Alpine Recovery Lodge, they’ll undergo a comprehensive assessment to determine a number of factors related to their addiction. These factors include the amount of time they’ve been using drugs/alcohol or suffering from a behavioral addiction. We’ll also discuss past and current medical conditions and medical history.

In some cases, residents may need to participate in our detox treatment before entering their customized recovery program. We are proud to offer detox treatment at Alpine Recovery Lodge here in Alpine, Utah. This dual service allows us to follow residents from the start of their recovery journey to the time they leave our treatment facility.


The Benefits of Individual Therapy in Recovery

Individual therapy is an important component of our substance abuse treatment programs. There are many benefits to individual therapy including a private, secure, and supportive space where recovering addicts can discuss their challenges, hopes, worries, dreams, strategies, and more.

It is not uncommon for individual therapy sessions to bring up long-lost memories, thoughts, self-limiting beliefs, past experiences and more. There are often underlying issues that contribute to addiction and individual therapy sessions can help a resident work through those issues to find a resolution and closure.

Individual therapy also helps residents identify triggers related to their addiction. Relapse can happen if residents are unable to manage their triggers when back in the real world. While in treatment, residents work with their counselor to get the support they need to reduce that chance once they leave.

Residents are not just assigned any counselor – they are matched with a licensed therapist that is right for their situation. This allows for the most compatible connection and provides an opportunity to build a deep relationship consisting of trust and transparency. During the entire treatment process, residents will work with the same therapist to encourage candid conversations and an understanding of underlying issues.

Individual therapy is often provided to residents as part of a much larger, overall treatment program. Additional treatments may include group therapy, life coaching, mental health treatment, family therapy, and more. In conjunction with any or all of these programs, residents have the best chance of success following their treatment plan at Alpine Recovery Lodge.


Treatment Programs are Fluid and Designed to Suit Your Needs

As residents move through treatment, they may undergo more frequent individual therapy sessions, especially when a breakthrough is near. In conjunction with different treatment modalities, residents will understand how they arrived at Alpine Recovery Lodge and create a plan to avoid relapse when they leave.

When moving through treatment and transitioning back to life and work, individual therapists can help residents identify potential roadblocks to their success. They will work together to make a plan for dealing with triggers that may cause drug or alcohol use and provide residents with language to ask for help when they feel exposed or vulnerable to addiction outside of treatment.

It’s important to understand that while some residents don’t wish to participate in individual therapy or even group therapy sessions, it’s a part of the treatment plan. Participation is required in order to make the most of recovery and long-term success. It might take some residents a while to come around to the idea of talking about their past and their current situation, but experience has shown that it is the best thing for long-term success and well-being.


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If you or someone you know is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, now is the time to call Alpine Recovery Lodge. Individual therapy, coupled with a variety of other treatment sessions, can offer the highest chance of success when it comes to overcoming and managing addiction. We’ll work with you or your loved one to customize a treatment plan that focuses on a holistic approach to addiction recovery. We’ll provide the tools, knowledge, and support to help you or your family member succeed now and well into the future.

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