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Fentanyl Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Center in Alpine, Utah

Inpatient Detox Center Helps Men and Women with Fentanyl Addiction

Ten or 15 years ago, most people had never heard of fentanyl, but now it is familiar to almost everyone in the U.S. This synthetic opioid is a powerful painkiller — so powerful that tens of thousands of people die from using it every year. If you are reading this page, you know that you could be one of them, and you don’t want to be. If you are addicted to Fentanyl, the professional staff at Alpine Recovery Lodge can help. All you have to do is reach out.

How Detox from Fentanyl Works at our Inpatient Treatment Center

The first step in getting clean from any drug addiction is detox. Cutting down on your own almost never works, and especially not with a powerful drug like Fentanyl. In fact, detoxing from Fentanyl is slightly different than with many other drugs such as cocaine or marijuana because you may need a medical prescription to help you through the early stages.

Here at Alpine Recovery Lodge, we have a medical doctor and a registered nurse on staff, along with therapists, counselors and other professionals. While we do not require any of our clients to use prescriptions as part of their drug detox, in some cases we recommend it because it can be helpful. Detox from Fentanyl often comes with physical withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle cramps and fever. These are the types of symptoms that can be temporarily relieved with some medications — even over-the-counter medications might offer some relief. 

Oftentimes while clients are here to beat their drug addiction, our licensed therapists discover an underlying mental health condition that contributes to the client’s susceptibility to drug addiction, and in these situations we may provide a dual diagnosis and a recommendation to treat the condition, which can help aid in the rehab process.

Therapy & Support in Fentanyl Rehab

Our residential rehab program includes intensive therapy — individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy. Individual therapy is critical for successful rehab from Fentanyl addiction. In individual therapy, we delve into the reasons you first began using illegal drugs, whether they were Fentanyl or another substance. A common reason people begin using illegal drugs is to help them deal with anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. You may be predisposed to a mental health condition or you may be dealing with traumas that you may not even remember. Once we discover what drives your cravings, we can deal with it, and you can learn to substitute healthy coping behaviors for your Fentanyl addiction.

Group therapy is important for any type of alcohol or drug use disorder because it is in these groups that you see that you are not alone in battling your drug addiction. Drug addictions are not uncommon, and they are not the result of character flaws or bad morals. In group therapy, you will be able to face your shame and rid yourself of it once and for all.

You may also benefit from family therapy while you are at our residential recovery center. Whether you are a young adult still living with parents and siblings or you are out of the house, perhaps with a spouse and kids of your own, your family members may have been hurt by your drug addiction. Fentanyl addiction causes people to make poor choices and behave in ways they otherwise would not. Family therapy helps heal the wounds created by Fentanyl addiction, encouraging forgiveness, support, love and patience.

We also encourage residents to participate in experiential therapy, which may include drawing, painting, playing music or journaling. Creative pursuits can be a valuable outlet for recovery from trauma and disappointment, and they can help you form new, healthier habits that are more productive.

Top Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Day Treatment Services

For our clients who have completed our residential recovery program, we offer ongoing outpatient services. The next step down is our day treatment program, also known as PHP, which you attend five to six days a week from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., after which you are free to leave the facility and return home, although you may opt to remain onsite during this portion of your recovery.

The last step down is to our IOP (intensive outpatient) program, where you continue to receive many of the same services we provide in day treatment, but on a reduced scale. You will gradually attend this program fewer days per week and attend fewer therapy sessions until you ultimately graduate from the program.

Best Residential Treatment & Recovery Program in Alpine, Utah

We chose Alpine, Utah, as the location for our inpatient rehabilitation center because we know how important the environment is for a successful recovery from drug addiction. Our well-appointed lodge is built with floor-to-ceiling windows so clients can look out any time of day and catch a glimpse of the soaring Wasatch Mountains. As part of our inpatient program, we promote nature therapy, encouraging clients to get outside and hike on trails, walk through meadows or just relax on a hammock or in the gazebo, where you might catch sight of deer, rabbits or other woodland creatures.

While you’re here, your meals will be prepared for you by our star chef, who focuses on making food that’s nutritious, healthy and satisfying. It’s harder to resist temptation when you are sad, frustrated or hungry. We encourage you to prioritize preparing healthy meals for yourself once you return home.

Beating Addiction to Fentanyl

Realizing — and admitting — that you are addicted to Fentanyl and need the help of a drug detox center is hard. We understand. We have helped hundreds of people just like you get clean again. It’s a rewarding job to witness our clients regaining their health and happiness, and going on to work at new jobs, live in new homes and have the lives they always wished they could. It’s hard to get there by yourself. If detoxing from Fentanyl was easy, you could have done it already — anyone could have done it. The reason we’re here is because we know it’s hard and people need help. Give us a call, and find out today how rehab from Fentanyl addiction can change your life.