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At Alpine Recovery Lodge we offer family systems therapy in Utah to help families and individuals overcome addiction.

Family Therapy Services at Alpine Recovery Lodge

Get the help and support your family needs to manage addiction in Alpine, Utah.

Addiction affects millions of people around the world. Not only does it impact the addict, it also impacts their family and friends.

Addiction is considered a family disease because of how it envelopes everyone (family and friends) into its world of chaos. Typically, active addicts and their family members mirror the same symptoms, just in different ways. The addict will isolate to keep people from nagging them about their use and family/friends will isolate to keep their friends from knowing what is actually happening.

At Alpine Recovery Lodge, we understand the impact that addiction can have on both the addict and their family. That’s why we offer family therapy services: to help families learn more about addiction, help them learn how to communicate in healthy ways, and help them rebuild their relationships.


A Safe and Supportive Environment for All

Family therapy provides a safe and supportive environment for addicts and their families to learn more about addiction, learn about self-care, and develop a plan after treatment at our facility has ended. The goal of family therapy is to help both addicts and their family heal throughout the recovery process. It’s not just about being supportive and understanding of the addict, but learning how to set boundaries, practice self-care, and develop healthy communication strategies. Using this knowledge, families can be supportive of their loved one while regaining their life.

Working with our licensed family therapists, residents and their families will meet on a regular basis. They will work through a series of discussions to reach desired outcomes and goals that are set during their initial meetings at Alpine Recovery Lodge in Utah. When an issue is identified, families and residents will walk through the problem, and assistance and support will be given to draw out the underlying issues that contribute to the friction or conflict.


Family Therapy Services Are Key in Recovery Efforts

Family therapy helps family members deal with their feelings while their loved one is in treatment. When dealing with active addiction, it’s normal for family to feel a spectrum of emotions, ranging from anger to sadness to guilt. It’s essential for family and friends to have a safe space to work through their feelings, concerns, and fears for the future. Addiction is a family disease and it’s important that family members learn how to manage their expectations and behaviors to help their recovering loved one be successful when they leave our facility.

We include regular family therapy sessions in our overall approach to recovery for residents. Coupled with individual therapy, life coaching, a healthy diet and exercise, as well as goal setting and planning for the future, family therapy provides residents with the opportunity to mend relationships while still in a safe and supportive environment.


Heal Wounds and Build Trust Again

In many cases, addicts have lied, manipulated, stole, and hurt their family to continue using their substance of choice. This can create a divide in families and push them further away from the person who needs their help the most. When trust is broken, it can take a long time to rebuild. Our licensed therapists will work with your family to ensure you have plenty of opportunities to explore these trust issues and arrive at an outcome that is suitable and supportive for everyone involved.

We believe that therapy, support, and education should be provided for all family members of the resident that we are treating. Our experienced and caring therapists use their extensive knowledge and expertise to work with families in addressing every aspect of relational healing. There are various schools of family therapy, but all have in common the belief that keeping families involved in the healing process is extremely beneficial to everyone involved.


Family Therapy is for Everyone Involved in the Recovery Process

Family therapy has evolved over the decades, and the term family can now mean anyone who is supportive in a long-term relationship, whether related by blood or not. For younger residents, this might mean close friends or parents; for older residents, this might be spouses and children, or even grandchildren. Anyone who has felt the impact of addiction should be involved in the family therapy session. Even young children should be included so they can feel supported and supportive in the process, especially if they are children of the resident.


Learn More About Family Therapy at Alpine Recovery Lodge

For more information about family therapy services in Alpine, Utah, contact Alpine Recovery Lodge today. We’ll work with you to provide support and understanding, set goals for the future, and begin to rebuild trust with your loved one. Reach out to our therapists today for a consultation and to see for yourself why Alpine Recovery Lodge is right for you.