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Ecstasy Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Center in Alpine, Utah

Recovery Is Possible at Our Inpatient Drug Treatment Center

Since Ecstasy is considered a party drug, many people don’t understand how addictive it can become. This drug is classified as a hallucinogenic, but unlike other hallucinogenics like LSD, Ecstasy is known to affect emotions, bringing on intense feelings of happiness, love and warmth (hence the name). But Ecstasy is also a stimulant, giving you lots of energy to dance and party the night away. Coming down from an Ecstasy high can leave you feeling sad, depressed, irritable and craving more. This is how an Ecstasy addiction starts. We have seen it before, and we can help. The team at Alpine Recovery Lodge can work with you to get your life back.

Detoxing from Ecstasy

Even if the first few times you used Ecstasy, you just took one hit and didn’t feel the need for another, this can change at any time. When a drug alters your mind to make you feel intensely happy and energetic, it’s hard to not to feel like you want more. You might devote lots of time to thinking about when you will use Ecstasy again. When it becomes a full-blown Ecstasy addiction, you may find yourself using it outside of recreational activities — at work, school or at home. That’s when you need detox and rehab.

You likely have tried to stop using Ecstasy on your own and failed, perhaps more than once. When you make the commitment to come to our inpatient drug treatment center, you will feel relief knowing that a professional team is standing by to help you with your Ecstasy addiction.

Here, detox is easier because you have no access to your drug of choice. At home, this can feel scary, because you know withdrawal symptoms will set in, but at Alpine Recovery Lodge, we are here to help you through your Ecstasy detox.

Because few of the symptoms of Ecstasy withdrawal are physical, medications are not usually used in the detox process. Ecstasy withdrawal symptoms include depression and anxiety that can become severe enough to turn into panic attacks, paranoia, anger and aggression. In some cases, hallucinations are possible.

Although taking Ecstasy can be very hard on the body, causing blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature to spike, withdrawal symptoms are less physically dangerous. If, during therapy, you receive a dual diagnosis of a co-occurring mental health condition, you may be prescribed antidepressants or anti-anxiety meds. These can help correct imbalances in your brain chemistry and reduce your desire for Ecstasy. However, we never require clients to take any nonessential prescription drugs as part of their drug rehab stay at our facility.

Residential Rehab Program for Ecstasy Addiction

Therapy is part of every drug rehab program, and at Alpine Recovery Lodge, we provide three types of therapy: individual, group and family. Individual therapy is necessary to recover from your addiction. We need to look at how and why you became addicted and what we can do to help you replace your choice to take Ecstasy with a healthier alternative. It is during individual therapy that you may receive a dual diagnosis of depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder or another mental health condition. These types of underlying mental health challenges are what drive many people to self-medicate with illegal drugs. Once these conditions are managed, your desire for drugs or alcohol is often curbed.

Group therapy is also part of most drug rehabilitation center programs. Sadly, drug addiction is often accompanied by shame and guilt. Once you begin participating in group therapy and you see others who are in the same position you are, it normalizes it and helps you understand that your Ecstasy addiction is not a moral failing, but a difficult issue you need help in overcoming.

Many of our clients also participate in therapy with their families. Most often when someone’s addiction to drugs or alcohol becomes unmanageable, it’s after many months or years of broken promises and lies to their family members. This creates not just anger and resentment, but also despair and hopelessness — among family members and you. In family therapy, you can work together with your loved ones and your therapist to repair the broken bonds and rebuild trust again.

At our drug addiction recovery center, we also strongly urge residents to participate in nature therapy. This includes getting outside and moving your body, and we provide many opportunities to do this. There are miles of hiking trails nearby, basketball courts and even hammocks for relaxing out in nature. You might be lucky enough to spot deer, rabbits or other woodland creatures while you are outside. These experiences bring you a kind of peace that isn’t possible to get from drugs or alcohol.

We also encourage participating in experiential therapy. This may include drawing, painting, playing music or taking part in another creative pursuit. The object is not to excel at any particular activity, but instead to use your emotional energy to express your most difficult and challenging feelings. Many people are surprised by how useful this therapy is.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP) & Day Treatment Services

For those who have completed our residential drug treatment program, we offer outpatient services. Our day treatment (PHP) program is the next step down after residential treatment. You will attend this program from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. five to six days a week and continue to receive support and treatment from our therapists and medical doctor. At the completion of this stage, you will transition to the final stage, IOP (intensive outpatient program), where you will receive the same services on a smaller scale and gradually reduce the number of days you attend the program.

Best Inpatient Drug Rehab Center in Utah

We decided to locate our drug treatment facility at the foot of the Wasatch Range in Alpine, Utah, because we know how important environment is when it comes to treating drug addiction. Our lodge is built with floor-to-ceiling windows, giving residents the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the soaring, snow-capped mountains at any time of day. The beauty is breathtaking.

While you are staying here at our residential treatment center, all your meals will be prepared for you by our accomplished chef. The menu is created with the goal of providing you the most nutritious and delicious food to help with your recovery from Ecstasy addiction. Proper hydration, healthy food and adequate rest and exercise are the keys to a healthy life. 

Wherever you are on the road to recovery, we want you to know we are here with you along the way. To take the first step, all you have to do is call. We can help you beat your addiction to Ecstasy and get your life back.