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Opioid Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Center in Alpine, Utah

Providing the Best Inpatient Rehabilitation Services for Opioid Addiction

If you are struggling with an opioid addiction, you need to know you are not alone. The National Institutes of Health classify opioid addiction as an epidemic in the U.S., with at least 3 million people addicted to Oxycontin and synthetic opioids and numbers climbing higher in rural areas. But there is hope. At Alpine Recovery Lodge, we offer the best inpatient recovery program in Utah for those suffering from opioid use disorder. You can get better, and we can help.

Top Opioid Detox Facility

While the first step in getting clean from any addiction is always admitting you have a problem, the next step is finding the right help for you. At our inpatient rehab facility, we provide those suffering from opioid addiction with medically supervised detox services.

Of all the substances to which people are known to become addicted, the withdrawal process for opioids is known to be particularly challenging, due to the physical symptoms that accompany it, which can include shaking, chills, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle cramps, sleeplessness, restlessness and more. These symptoms are the reason so many people fail at managing an opioid detox that they attempt on their own. But here, at Alpine Recovery Lodge, we employ a staff that includes medical doctors and counselors who can help you through the early, difficult stages of opioid detox with not just therapeutic support, but also medical intervention, if you so choose to go this route.

Opioid Rehab Program

Once you emerge from the first stage of opioid detox, our counselors get you started on our opioid rehabilitation program. This includes intensive group and individual therapy as well as nature and experiential therapy.

When you are battling an opioid addiction, whether you are addicted to Oxy or another type of opioid, you know that your cravings are more than physical — they are mental as well. Undoubtedly, some event or events in your life led you down a path that ended in a substance use disorder that has ultimately led you to seek out an opioid rehab program. Our therapists and counselors help you get to the root of your issues and teach you the skills you need to learn to cope without the assistance of drugs or alcohol.

While trauma and the resultant PTSD can play a major role in opioid addiction, the truth is that many people who suffer from substance use disorders find their issues rooted in mental health challenges. All too often, society labels those battling addiction to opioids and other substances as weak or inadequate, as if all that was needed to overcome opioid addiction was willpower. But the medical doctors and therapists who run our opioid rehabilitation program know better. Once your true challenges are identified, you can finally begin healing.

Opioid addiction in Utah and the entire U.S. has been particularly insidious because it strikes not only those who seek out the relief that illegal drugs like Oxy can provide, but also those who were legitimately prescribed opioids to relieve pain from a routine medical procedure such as a tooth extraction, surgery or broken bones. Patients unwittingly swallowed these dangerous drugs, never dreaming that it would lead to a life-altering addiction and the search for an opioid rehab program.

However you found yourself addicted to opioids like Oxy, know that the professionals at Alpine Recovery Lodge can help.

Outpatient Rehabilitation for Opioid Addiction

All our clients — including those seeking opioid detox — go through our inpatient recovery program before they transition to outpatient rehabilitation services. The next step down from our residential program is our day treatment program, where clients attend from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., after which they are free to leave our campus and return home. Once you have moved through this step, the final step is our IOP (intensive outpatient) program,, where you will receive the same services and support on a reduced scale. You will attend the program for fewer hours per day and gradually come fewer days per week until you graduate from our drug rehab program.

Our medical doctors and therapists know well that continued success depends on support — not just the support of your family and friends, but also the support of professional drug rehabilitation counselors who can help you resist temptation and succeed at living a sober life. To that end, we offer our clients the option of returning to the PHP or IOP at any time. Our clients know they always have somewhere to go when they feel they need extra support.

Best Inpatient Opioid Treatment Facility in Utah

When you’re researching opioid treatment facilities, you want the best match for you. Alpine Recovery Lodge was founded with you in mind, and we have worked tirelessly to create just the right environment at our opioid treatment center to foster the best chance at recovery.

Our beautiful facility is located on the Wasatch Front among stunning surroundings. The soaring mountains, open meadows, leafy green trees and woodland paths form the peaceful setting you need in a residential rehab facility. Our therapeutic interventions include spending time outside in nature, where you may spot deer, squirrels, rabbits and maybe even a fox.

Our lodge was built with your comfort and serenity in mind, with floor-to-ceiling windows that let you experience the awe of nature’s beauty all day long. As part of the opioid addiction recovery process, you will learn to delight in one of your greatest resources — the healing power of nature.

Rest assured that you will feel comfortable, protected and cared for staying in our residential rehabilitation center, where each room is well-appointed with all the necessities of your new sober life. Our doctors and therapists believe this type of setup is right for helping to relieve the stresses that can block recovery, and it provides you with the best possible chance at regaining control of your life.

You may also look forward to our meal program, where our chef prepares delicious and nutritious meals for you three times a day, including fruits, vegetables, protein, whole grains and more, carefully crafted and artfully presented.

Opioid Addiction Recovery Services 

Alpine Recovery Lodge is known as the best residential opioid rehab center in Utah not only because of our beautiful campus, but also because of our staff and drug treatment options. Not all drug addiction rehabilitation programs have medical doctors on staff, but we think it is an integral part of recovery, and especially opioid addiction recovery. Additionally, we offer a wide range of the newer, more effective treatments for addiction and mental health issues, including DBT and EMDR.

We provide a full slate of skills to aid you in your life after your stay at our inpatient rehabilitation facility, including life coaching, yoga and meditation classes, nutrition education and a focus on exercise as a way to build resilience and tolerance to life’s challenges.

If you’re suffering from an opioid addiction, you no longer need to suffer. Call the therapists at Utah’s top opioid recovery facility — Alpine Recovery Lodge — and get started down the path that ends with getting your life back.