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Treatment at Alpine Recovery Lodge

Detox Treatment for Drug & Alcohol Abuse in Alpine, Utah

When it comes to providing in-house, medically supervised detox treatments in Utah, people turn to Alpine Recovery Lodge to help them through this difficult time. We help our patients as they work through withdrawal symptoms and taper off drugs and/or alcohol. In many cases, residents have both a drug and alcohol addiction and we help them take a well-rounded approach to getting their life back on track.


A Complete Detox Program in Utah

Rather than requiring our residents first go to a separate detox facility to taper off their current substances, we can do this in the comfort of the lodge. We are proud to offer a complete, in-house detox and recovery program.

Not only does this eliminate the hassle of coordinating with two facilities, but also eases the transition from detox into rehab when the resident is ready to do so. We have also found that seeing a resident through detox and rehab and then supporting them as they navigate sobriety in the real world has a much deeper impact and greater success rate.


Safe and Welcoming Environment to Get Clean

Alpine Recovery Lodge is a safe and welcoming place for people who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. We provide a comfortable and supportive environment for addicts to get the help they need. Often, people suffering from drug or alcohol abuse want to quit and get their life back, but they don’t know where to start. We have seen this roadblock come up for people time and time again. Not knowing where to start gives people permission to not start at all and that means they never get the help they truly need.


Withdrawal Needs to be Supervised

Withdrawal comes with many complications and residents can experience discomfort on many levels, depending on their addiction, dependency, and mental health. Besides ravaging the body, drugs and alcohol cloud judgement and prevent people from making good decisions about their lives. We provide a comprehensive treatment plan that helps people through the difficult stages of detox.

In extreme cases, a hospital setting may be required to help the resident detox or manage withdrawal symptoms. When it is determined that Alpine Recovery Lodge is the right place for the applicant to undergo detox, we begin the process.

Detox is not just about getting the drugs and alcohol out of the system, it’s also about ensuring that patients are healthy enough to undergo detox. Detox takes a toll on one’s body and in some unfortunate cases, people are not strong enough to go through detox. While rare, it is possible that residents can get really sick from the withdrawal symptoms, or worse die.

The length of time that withdrawal symptoms can occur depends on the person, the type of drugs or alcohol they were using, the length of time they have been using, the frequency of use, the health and wellness of the individual, and their dedication to getting clean.

Depending on the severity of the addiction, the course of treatment may take several paths. For some residents, it’s important to focus on identifying and overcoming triggers that may send them back to square one, even in recovery. We’ll work with residents to ensure that they understand the basis of their addiction so they can begin to work toward a life free from drugs and alcohol. It can take time, but recovery is possible.


What Does Detox Intake Involve?

At Alpine Recovery Lodge, we conduct a pre-intake assessment on all residents who apply to our facility. This is necessary to assess the severity of withdrawals and the current state of addiction. Assessing potential residents helps us determine if we are the right detox and recovery facility for them.

It also helps us determine what type of detox is required and would do the most good for a resident suffering from drug or alcohol abuse. This assessment includes collecting information about past and current withdrawal symptoms, medical history, length of use, amount of use, type of addictions, and more.


Detox Treatment at Alpine Recovery Lodge

If you or someone you love is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, consider reaching out to Alpine Recovery Lodge in Utah. We offer in-house detox and withdrawal treatment that can make all the difference in one’s journey to sobriety. Relapse is most likely to happen during detox and withdrawal stages of recovery, which is why we provide ongoing care and support to ensure our residents have everything they need to succeed. Contact Alpine Recovery Lodge today to set up a consultation or to have your questions answered by a knowledgeable and friendly counselor.