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Payment Options

Insurance Accepted

Insurance can often completely cover, or at least help offset the cost of receiving treatment at our facility. We have insurance specialists and billing personnel on staff to assist in confirming the level of insurance coverage for your treatment.

At Alpine Recovery Lodge, you don’t need to worry about dealing with your insurance company. We handle everything from verifying benefits to receiving pre-authorization for treatment. Our specialists stay in touch with the assigned care manager at your insurance to ensure that we maximize your insurance benefits and can continue to get coverage throughout your stay.

As every case is unique, we will need to complete an initial assessment of the drug or alcohol abuse prior to contacting the insurance company. All information we gather during our initial consultation is held completely confidential.

Please take a moment to fill out the Insurance Screening Form that will give us the information we need to verify your benefits.

Credit Card

Treatment can be paid in part or in full by credit card.


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Insurance Billing for Rehab Services Is Our Expertise

We have developed unparalleled expertise in navigating the often confusing process of arranging reimbursement from insurance companies for long-term treatment. Alpine Recovery Lodge admissions and accounting departments have special knowledge and experience in helping our residents receive the best possible payment arrangement.

In some cases, when treatment is required immediately, the patient will pay in full and then we will work on getting some or all of their fees reimbursed by the insurance company.

Sometimes, the insurance company will indicate that residential drug rehab treatment is not covered (or is only partially covered). Often in these cases, there are aspects of the treatment process that are still covered by insurance (for example, prescription medications).

We can assist you in reviewing the relevant health insurance policy to see if coverage is available for any and all parts of the treatment program we recommend.

Call 877-415-4060 today to find out if your insurance policy covers rehab.  You might be surprised!