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What to Bring

Please Bring the Following Items:

  • Enough comfortable, casual clothing for 7 days including t-shirts, walking shorts and sweats. (No tank tops, short shorts or midriffs showing), pajamas and robe. We provide on-site washer/dryer.

  • Exercise clothing, including one-piece bathing suit for women.

  • Comfortable shoes, exercise/walking shoes, sandal types for summer or warm slippers for winter.

  • Sweaters/jackets for fall-spring or light jacket/sweatshirt for summer.

  • Socks and undergarments (several pair).

  • Summer wear: hat, sunglasses (for outdoors only) and sunscreen.

  • Winter wear: heavy coat and a few outdoor cold weather accessories (ie. warm socks, scarf, boots, etc).

  • Personal hygiene items: toothbrush, toothpaste, hair products, deodorant, liquid body wash, lotion, shaving supplies, shampoo/conditioner, feminine products. Hair care tools such as dryers and irons are welcome. (Please note for hairspray and mouthwash: No products containing alcohol will be allowed.)

  • Current medications and written prescriptions for any approved medications.

  • Health insurance card and driver’s license or other official form of identification.

  • Medical records/previous treatment records if available.

  • Contact information for personal physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, and/or therapist.

  • Credit card for medical co-payments, prescriptions and essential personal items as needed.

  • If you have a special comfort like a small blanket, stuffed animal or pillow to bring a sense of home, please bring it along! Pictures of your loved ones are welcome, of course.

Optional Items:

  • Watch and small alarm clock (highly recommended)

  • Personal address book, stationary, journal, stamps and books

  • A small bag with essentials for your immediate 24-hour needs as your baggage may not be available until Staff can check it.

Do Not Bring:

  • Electronic equipment of any kind

  • Exercise equipment.

  • Aerosol cans or any items that contain alcohol.

  • Cigars, cloves, pipes, etc.

  • Weapons of any kind.

  • Candles or incense.

  • Excessive cash, makeup, jewelry or clothing.

  • Tanning oils, other self-tanning products, hair dye, or bleaching products.

  • Clothing that is revealing or with alcohol, sexual, derogatory, drug messages or logos.

  • Novels and magazines with alcohol, drugs, derogatory or sexual content.

  • Herbal supplements, sleep aides, body-building or weight loss supplements. Note: We provide a multi-vitamin.

  • Any medications not pre-approved or without prescription.


Valuables will be held for you while you are in treatment (i.e. wallet, money, keys, phone, etc.). Notebooks and recovery-related reading materials will be provided. You will also have use (limited) of the house phone after seven days.

We cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen personal items so while we make every effort to keep items safe, it is best if all electronics or anything that is expensive or difficult to replace be left at home.

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