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Photo of clipboard with health insurance forms and a ball point pen.

Insurance Forms

At Alpine Recovery Lodge, we will work with your insurance provider to make this process easy for you and your family.

Payment Options for Recovery Treatment

If you don’t have insurance coverage – or if the coverage you do have doesn’t provide the benefits you need – you still have other options. One of our qualified team members will evaluate your need, insurance coverage, and financial situation.

Verifying your insurance is a simple three-step process:

  1. Complete the fields below as accurately as possible.
  2. Soon after you’ve completed your insurance forms, one of our admissions counselors will contact you to learn more about your circumstances so that we can identify the most appropriate strategy. Typically, we can confirm your coverage in a matter of hours.
  3. When we verify your insurance coverage, we will initiate the intake process so that you can begin your journey to recovery.

Please fill out the insurance forms below to start the verification process.