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We can help you have the difficult conversation of telling someone they need help in Utah.

Person stopping colorful dominoes from continuing to fallIf you’ve been watching someone destroy their life with drugs and/or alcohol, you might feel overwhelmed at the thought of stepping in to help that person. While your heart is in the right place, you might feel like it isn’t your place to say such things to people. However, there may come a time when it is clear that your friend or family member is not capable of seeking out the help they desperately need and you might want to get involved.

But where to begin? What do you say? How can you approach someone with an addiction to tell them you care about them without making it seem like you are attacking them?

The Addiction Runs Deep

People who suffer from addictions may not be ready to admit they have a problem. They often over medicate, self-medicate, drink or engage in other destructive behavior because of shame, guilt, depression, anxiety, and/or low self-esteem. It is not uncommon for many of these conditions to be present multiple times. For example, people who suffer from anxiety often suffer from depression, and then experience shame or guilt because of their depression. All of these feelings can lead to a spiraling path of addiction and they might not be able to get themselves out of the spiral.

When confronted, addicts often feel attacked and frustrated by their family members. While those who organize the intervention mean well, it is not always accepted as love and compassion on behalf of the addict themselves. That’s where Alpine Recovery Lodge can help.

Expert Counselors Are Ready to Help

We have expert counselors who are trained to talk to people suffering from addiction about getting the help they need. We offer individualized intervention services and we take the time to get to know you and your family or friends in order to decide on the best course of action for approaching the addict in your life.

It’s often hard for family members who want to step in and help. They oftentimes require support as well. Finding the right words is important because you don’t want to set off the addict in your life, but you want to instill in them the urgency of the situation. Finding balance in such a conversation is hard, but we can help guide you and your family and friends through this important and potentially life-saving conversation.

Interventions Can Take Time and Multiple Attempts

If previous attempts to encourage the addict in your life to get help have failed, don’t hesitate to reach out to Alpine Recovery Lodge. We are highly trained and understand the potential backlash of such a conversation. We can help guide the conversation toward a successful outcome.

You may have tried several times to get your loved one to agree to detox or treatment. Of course, agreeing to treatment means that they have to admit they have a problem – which is very hard for people who are suffering from addiction. Addiction can be brought on because of external factors such as loss of job, death in the family, or failure in some area of life. It is also difficult to admit that underlying conditions such as anxiety and depression may be making their addiction worse.

Perhaps you have had success in getting your loved one to agree to treatment, but they didn’t follow through with their agreement. Or, perhaps they went to treatment and decided they didn’t want to continue with the process. It can be frustrating to feel like you’re helping them make progress only to have them retract their commitment.

Intervention is Not For You

While you are trying to help them get their life in order, it’s important to remember that the intervention is not about you. It’s about helping the addict see that there is help for them and to help them understand that people care about their health and well-being.

At Alpine Recovery Lodge, we help families hold these difficult conversations. We can walk you through the process before it happens to ensure you and any other family members or friends are aware of how everything works, the risks, the benefits, and the outcomes that are possible. Our interventionists are licensed professionals who are proficient in all forms of chemical and behavior addictions. All interventions are facilitated with love, respect, and integrit, we do not believe in deceiving, manipulating, or demeaning individuals.

Being honest is part of the process and we’ll help you say what you need to say in a way that is supportive of the addict in your life and ensures the best chance of success.

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