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Understanding the Differences of a Non-Traditional Rehab Center

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re searching through alcohol rehab centers in Utah.

Just the fact that you are looking for one shows that you’re a step or two into the process… but now, it’s more than just a thought. It’s real.

There is an ever-growing collection of programs all over the country geared towards helping people overcome their addictions and dependencies.

This includes traditional 12-step programs, spiritual programs, and non-traditional /alternative therapies. Finding the one that works best for you may take a bit of research, but don’t give up, you’ll find a successful one eventually. Understanding the differences between traditional and non-traditional programs will make your search easier.

Traditional 12-Step Programs

The basis behind a traditional 12-step program is that the alcohol or drug dependency is the primary issue. Counselors pushing a 12-step program believe that once the alcohol addiction is curbed, the person is cured.

The problem is that this approach is a little too simplistic. Many people who go through 12-step programs relapse into their addictions again. This is because the underlying issues are not addressed.

For example, the underlying issue may be depression, and the addict self-medicates that depression with drugs in a misguided attempt to make themselves feel better. Unless the depression itself is addressed, the addiction will never stop.

This is where alternative programs and those that focus on dual-diagnosis come into play.

Alternative and Non-Traditional Benefits

To be fair, 12-step programs work for some people… but they are far from 100% effective.

Treating the addiction itself is less important than identifying and treating the underlying problems that are causing the addiction.

The first step is for the patient to remove themselves from a negative situation. For some, this can be an escape from the daily demons they face at home. For others, others it can be a retreat to a more natural setting to free their mind and find inner peace.

We remove addicts from negative situations, but we don’t want to cut them off from their support systems at home. Whether you just need someone to talk to on the phone, you’ll be able to. All you need to do is ask.

Art classes or group trust-building exercises can help a person move past that hurdles that were previously holding them back.

Alpine Recovery Lodge crafts a unique plan for each individual. We don’t lump everyone into the same cookie-cutter program.