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5 Ways to Welcome Your Loved One Home From Rehab

Couple in loving embrace, standing in front of white fence, horse in backgroundWhen loved ones are about to come home from our Utah rehab program, their families often wonder:

What’s the best way to welcome them home?

And, that’s a great question. Families want to offer the best environment for their loved one to succeed with sobriety.

In reality, there are a lot of ways you can welcome your loved one home from rehab.

Make Your Home A Safe Place

The first and most important thing you should do to welcome your loved one home is to make your home a safe place. Remove all alcohol and addictive drugs, and replace them with some of the other joys of life.

Your loved one just came from a drug and alcohol-free zone, so you don’t want to make them feel that your home is a continuation of rehab.

Provide healthy, delicious foods and other happy alternatives that they might not have had access to in rehab. You might consider having a low-key barbecue or game night. Plan fun activities at home that you think they might enjoy.

Include Them In Your Social Plans

Many recovering addicts at our Utah rehab program are faced with the challenge of building a whole new social circle, as many of their former friends were also substance abusers. This can be a daunting task for any person, let alone someone in recovery.

But you can help encourage them to get started by including them in your social plans. This will help them meet new people and give them confidence that they can build relationships again.

Let Them Know You’re Available To Talk

More likely than not, your loved one needs someone to talk to in order to continue on their path of healing. Early on, make it clear that you’re available to talk if they need it — but avoid bringing up their addiction in conversation or forcing them to discuss it. This might cause them to withdraw and feel worse.

When it comes to overcoming the stress of addiction recovery, a listening ear can be a powerful tool.

Help Them Find New Hobbies

For many recovering addicts, substance abuse once filled a good portion of their time. Keeping busy with new hobbies is a great way to distract the addict from the idea of relapse.

Too much free time can have negative effects on recovery, so help them along by involving them in some of the hobbies you enjoy. Taking up a class or sport is a great way for someone with an addictive personality to find healthy rewards in their life.

Encourage Them To Continue Healing

The road to recovery is long and challenging. You don’t want to put pressure on your loved one to continue seeking treatment, but there are ways to gently encourage them.

Tell them that you have confidence in their ability to completely overcome these challenges. Try recommending some self-help books or find suitable support groups they can join. This is also another great way for them to find new friends with similar experiences.

Do you know of any other helpful ways to welcome loved ones home from our Utah rehab program? Comment below.