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The Benefits of a Supportive Residential Community

What brought you to this page? If you’re looking into options for yourself, you’re on the right path. Just admitting (even if only to yourself) that you have a problem in need of professional help is the first step towards recovery.

Don’t be discouraged by how all the treatment centers look the same. Look across all the ads for residential treatment centers in Utah, and you’ll see a lot of people sitting around, smiling, and looking happy…

But you probably don’t feel like sitting around and smiling at this point, so those images aren’t likely to resonate. Don’t let the disparity between those cheery stock photos and your feelings right now alienate you away from treatment.

Benefits of a Residential Treatment Center

Outpatient programs might be able to provide you with a lot of good information to use when you return home, but if you attempt to move past an addiction without adequate treatment time, you can easily fall back into the addictions. A residential treatment center provides benefits you won’t get with an outpatient program, including:

  • Strong support community: a residential community will help you express your frustrations, fears, and life goals. The other residents are all here for the same thing. Their life experience provides a level of unique understanding that book-learned doctors and psychologists could never hope to achieve.
  • Stay in your lane: It’s easy to tell yourself you can stop anytime and rationalize your behavior away (“Having one drink now will help stop me from having many later”… yeah, sure). It’s harder to admit that you don’t have complete control unless you put in a lot of mental effort. Addicts who just complete an outpatient program are more prone to rationalization than those who go through a residential treatment solution.
  • Mental and spiritual stimulation: Learning how to focus on things other than your addiction can go a long way in helping you overcome it. Taking walks in nature, becoming active in the arts community, or simply taking a break from your normal life will help you control your addictions.

Understanding Detoxification

When you use a lot of drugs or drink a lot of alcohol, over time your body becomes dependent. Take those drugs away and the possible consequences include headaches, muscle pain, irritability, and more.

The initial process will be difficult, but with the assistance of a team of experienced counselors your detoxification process will be much more bearable than if you tried to do it at home.