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Woman sitting by tree staring off into nature

Three Ways Nature Can Help With Addiction Rehabilitation

Woman sitting by tree staring off into nature

Perhaps now more than ever, people are realizing the healing effects of being in and experiencing nature. Getting outside and moving your body in the fresh air, sunshine and open skies help boost feel-good endorphins and elevate your mood. Not only is it helpful for dealing with things like tension, stress, worry, boredom and cabin fever, but also addiction.

Nature is an unconventional treatment that can help with addiction rehabilitation. It allows people to remove themselves physically from their problematic situation and receive treatment in an outdoor environment that promotes self-improvement and skill development.

Three ways nature can help with addiction

Here are three ways nature therapy can help with addiction rehabilitation:

  1. Reconnecting
    One of the most important lessons to learn in rehabilitation is that you are not alone. Addiction can leave people feeling isolated or abandoned. Nature can help you reconnect, put things into perspective and show you how all things are connected to the Earth. Participating in outdoor activities can help you feel less alone while providing a greater sense of purpose. 
  2. Learning control
    Physically removing yourself from an unhealthy environment and stepping into nature help you focus more on mindfulness and other skills that can help break the cycle of addiction.
  3. Exercise
    Both the mind and body need to recover from addiction, and the outdoors creates many opportunities to move your body, like swimming or hiking. Starting newer, healthier habits can help replace more destructive ones. Exercise also helps boost your mood and lower stress.

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