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Man With Mask Stairs out Window

Recovery During the Pandemic

Man With Mask Stairs out Window

The recovery journey can be difficult even under the best circumstances. And managing recovery amid an unexpected pandemic can seem downright overwhelming. It is completely understandable to feel challenged by worries about your health, the health of your friends and loved ones, financial insecurity, grief, and loneliness—but they don’t have to interfere with your recovery process.

Five strategies for keeping up with recovery during the pandemic

Here are five tips to help you navigate your recovery journey during the pandemic:

  1. Create a routine and stick to it
    Everyone is trying to stick to a routine right now, but it is especially important for those in recovery. If you’re unable to follow your normal, everyday routine, be sure to create a quarantine-friendly routine instead. While you don’t have to plan every minute of every day, planning regular sleep and wake hours as well as time for work, meal prep, essential errands, self-care and hobbies can help guide your days and help keep you feeling in control.
  2. Stay connected to friends and loved ones
    Though our current reality does not allow close physical contact with anyone outside of our household, you should make it a point to stay connected to friends and loved ones by phone, text or video chat. You can even try to get creative and convert some of your prepandemic hobbies into a virtual experience. Get creative with virtual dance parties, DIY spa days, escape rooms or birthday parties.
  3. Seek out the support you need
    In-person support groups may be off the table for the time being, however, online 12-step programs and therapist-directed group counseling are available. SMART Recovery, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are offering online meetings.
  4. Practice plenty of self-care
    It’s easier to stay on track and make good decisions for your mind, body and soul when you feel good. Though your self-care go-to’s might not be available right now, you can still find plenty of ways to take care of your mental and physical health like jogging in an empty area, hiking or following along to online workout videos.
  5. Practice plenty of self-compassion
    Show yourself a bit of grace during these turbulent times. It’s OK to not feel OK right now. If you do experience a relapse, offer yourself forgiveness. Honor the progress you’ve made and remember that tomorrow is a great day to start again. Reach out to friends and loved ones if you need additional support.

No matter how challenging it may be right now, the skilled team at Alpine Recovery Lodge is proud of how far you’ve come. If you need additional support, guidance or services during the Covid-19 pandemic, please do not hesitate to call us at 801-871-3171. You’re never alone. There is always hope and we are here to help.