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Utah Alcoholism and Addiction Resources

Older woman in Utah sitting on a bench in the desert, waiting for addiction helpDespite Utah having the lowest total alcohol consumption in the US, alcoholism and addiction are still serious issues for the state. Among Utahns who consume alcohol, heavy drinking and binge drinking rates are consistent with national levels. Drug addiction is also surprisingly prevalent in the Beehive State; prescription drug overdose is one of the leading causes of injury deaths in Utah.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled some helpful resources for those seeking help for alcoholism and addiction in Utah. Get connected with the right people and information you need to start your recovery.

Utah National Alcoholism Center

This website of the Utah National Alcoholism Center (NAC) has a number of useful resources for Utahns suffering from alcoholism or people interested in learning more about alcoholism in Utah. It includes the following information:

  • Information and statistics about alcohol abuse in Utah
  • Toll-free hotline number for the Utah National Alcoholism Center
  • Live chat support
  • Email support
  • Utah alcohol rehab center locator
  • Recovery blog
  • Recovery stories

Utah Division of Substance Abuse & Mental Health

The Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health (DSAMH) is Utah’s substance abuse and mental health authority, created with the mission of promoting health, hope, and healing. Their website contains the following:

  • Addiction crisis hotline numbers
  • Addiction prevention resources
  • Data and statistics on addiction and drug abuse in Utah
  • Utah addiction treatment information
  • Recovery resources

Utah Prescription Drug Overdoses Resource

The Utah Department of Health operates this website as part of its Violence and Injury Prevention Program to address prescription pill overdoses in Utah. It contains the following resources:

  • Emergency hotline information
  • Statistics on prescription pill abuse and overdose in Utah
  • Printable pocket card for prescription drug overdose prevention
  • Prescription drug abuse prevention toolkit
  • Tips on safe use of prescription medications

Utah Addiction Center

Utah Addiction Center is a government-sponsored program operated by the University of Utah Health Sciences department. The website for Utah Addiction Center has resources for people with addiction disorders, as well as friends and family of people with addiction. As follows are some helpful things you can find here:

  • Family intervention resources, including intervention videos
  • Treatment referral information
  • Resources for healthcare professionals
  • Information on addiction prevention and recovery
  • Online resources, sorted by agency

Utah Alcoholism and Addiction Support Groups

Use these resources to find recovery support groups in Utah.

Addiction Recovery Meeting Finder

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints’ Addiction Recovery Program (in-person and phone meetings).

Utah Alcoholics Anonymous

Find AA meetings in Utah.

Utah Narcotics Anonymous

Find NA meetings in Utah.

If you want to learn more about alcoholism and addiction in Utah, you can read our blog posts 4 Amazing Facts About Alcoholism in Utah and 4 Utah Drug Abuse Statistics You Didn’t Know. Or, find out about our Utah Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment Program.