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How to Get Someone Into Rehab That Is in an Abusive Relationship

How to Get Someone Into Rehab That Is in an Abusive Relationship

Couple sitting on a couch turned away from each other after a fight

No matter how helpless or powerless you feel right now there is hope. Domestic abuse and addiction are some of the worst things that can happen to a person. It is especially distressing when it’s happening to a loved one.

The road to helping your loved one that is not only in an abusive relationship, but struggling with addiction isn’t going to be easy. It will test your personal and emotional strength. But, if you begin with the end in mind you will double down on compassion, love, support and determination. Your loved one is counting on you, whether they realize it or not, and you can help begin their healing process.

Getting started

Taking the first step in any situation is often the most difficult and this is no exception. The only way to break the cycle of abuse and addiction is to encourage your loved one to confront their problems. That is not to say they need to confront their abuser, but simply acknowledge both the abuse and the addiction are no longer acceptable.

Next, help them understand they are not to blame and they are loved, valued and worthy of a better life. Tell them they are not alone and remind them of all the people who will be there to support them.

Getting help

Once they are ready to accept help, it’s time to do what you can to get them away from the abusive relationship and into a recovery center. You can start by filing a restraining order against the abuser, if necessary, and moving their belongings to a private location. Once your loved one is away from their abuser, it is time to check them into a recovery center. One that is dedicated to providing individualized and effective drug detox and post-traumatic stress disorder programs. Alpine Recovery Lodge provides safe, compassionate emotional processing support to individuals who need to work through their emotions in a judgment-free environment.

When patients finally begin to deal with the underlying emotional issues at the heart of their addiction disorder, life-transforming breakthroughs are achieved.

For safe, effective, and compassionate emotional processing therapy in Alpine, Utah, contact the Alpine Recovery Lodge’s licensed emotional processors at 877-415-4060. It is our mission to help your loved one overcome past perceptions and discard patterns of thinking and behaving that are harmful.