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11 Facts About Drug Addiction and Alcohol Abuse You Should Know

Millions of people struggle with alcohol and drug abuse each year. Almost everyone recognizes that substance abuse is a prevalent issue in our society, but did you know that according to multiple studies, around 80% of high school seniors admit to drinking alcohol at least once?

At some point, you or someone close to you will likely be offered some drug or alcohol. Choosing whether or not to try them will substantially affect the rest of your life.

No one who is addicted to drugs or alcohol will admit that they knew substance use would come to dominate their life initially. Instead, they often think they can manage their drug or alcohol use, but it quickly spirals out of their control.

You have a right to know the sobering facts about substance use, so you are fully informed of how it can disrupt and ruin your life.

Continue reading to learn some important and potentially life-saving facts about drug addiction and alcohol abuse

11 Facts About Substance Abuse

Substance abuse can have a debilitating effect on those who regularly use drugs or alcohol.

While many think of alcohol as a social substance that is difficult to become addicted to, it’s quite the opposite. Substances like drugs and alcohol are highly addictive and can take a toll on your life quickly.

Here are 11 facts about drug addiction and alcohol abuse that you should know:

  1. 13 is the average age children experiment with drugs.
  2. Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance and the third most common cause of death in the United States.
  3. 50% of all suicides, and over 50% of all violent crimes, are caused by alcohol and drugs.
  4. Over 50% of all traffic accidents involve alcohol or drugs.
  5. 80% of all domestic violence reports are related to alcohol or drugs.
  6. An estimated 60% of poor work performance can be tied to drugs or alcohol.
  7. 34 of 35 alcoholics have never received treatment.
  8. 28% of college dropouts abuse alcohol.
  9. Painkillers, tranquilizers, and stimulants are the most commonly used prescription drugs.
  10. Marijuana, cocaine, and hallucinogens are the most widely used illegal drugs.
  11. More than $600 billion is lost annually due to substance abuse.

While these are solid and eye-opening facts about substance abuse, they are not just statistics. They are lives lost and lives ruined.

Facts About Drug Addiction in Action: The Story of Beth

Beth was only 9 when it started. The drugs came from her mother. Beth was unsure what they were supposed to do, but she knew she needed to take them.

At first, her mom had to make her take the pills. Soon, Beth learned to take them on her own. It was not long before Beth started taking them herself. Not long after that, she could not bring herself to stop taking them.

She was hooked.

She was unsure whether her mother did not notice or did not care. It did not matter to her, however. As long as she could keep getting what she wanted, she did not care.

By the age of 12, a friend had introduced her to alcohol.

By 15, she was going to parties with college students and smoking marijuana.

She still was unsure whether no one noticed or did not care until she was in college. She never considered herself to be addicted. It all seemed so normal to her. Then, being away from home, everything fell apart.

Her world fell to shambles when her father died in a car accident. He had been driving drunk when he hit a 16-wheeler. He died on impact. The tragedy caused her to rely even more on drugs and alcohol for an escape. Which ultimately caused her to spiral out of control.

One night, she got wasted at a party, then the next thing she knew, she was facing multiple charges in court, from public intoxication to domestic violence.

Do not let what happened to Beth happen to you or someone you love! If you or someone you care about is struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, get the help needed now.

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