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Will Insurance Pay for Rehab?

Corporate office building.Addiction recovery is difficult enough when you don’t have to worry about the financial burden of paying for treatment. Unfortunately, most people going to rehab for alcohol or drug addiction recovery must consider the cost of rehab. That being said, your insurance should cover at least part of your rehab bill.

Rehab Is a Medical Necessity

When addiction treatment is deemed a medical necessity, medical insurance must cover at least a portion of the cost. Because the American Medical Association considers addiction to be a disease requiring medical treatment, this means most private insurance companies will pay for some of your rehab.

If your addiction and proposed rehab treatment meet the core components for medical necessity, then your insurance provider should accept the claim. However, you need to read the coverage policy of your particular insurer to find out their exact criteria.

Levels of Coverage Vary

Your level of coverage — how much of your addiction rehab treatment your medical insurance company will pay for — depends entirely on your particular policy. In some cases, insurance may cover most or even all of the cost, and in other cases they may only cover a small percentage. Call your insurance company to find out exactly what and how much they will cover.

Popular Insurance Providers That Cover Rehab

As follows are some private medical insurers that offer policies covering the cost of rehab.


Aetna has several plans that will pay for all or a portion of your rehab treatment. Aetna works with Alpine Recovery Lodge and a number of rehab facilities across the country. Our longstanding relationship with Aetna means we can explain to you exactly what your plan covers.

United Healthcare

United Healthcare (UHC) is America’s largest health insurance provider, with a network of more than 75,000 mental health professionals (including Alpine Recovery Lodge). You should be able to find specifics of your coverage on the UHC website.


Altus covers rehab-associated costs through its wholly owned subsidiary MHNet. Alpine Recovery Lodge has an ongoing relationship with Altius and can help advise you on what your insurance will cover, depending on which policy you have.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Blue Cross/Blue Shield is another widely accepted form of insurance at rehab facilities, including Alpine Recovery Lodge. Call Blue Cross to determine what portion of your fee will be covered.

To learn more about addiction rehab coverage by insurer, refer to our previous blog post, Your Rehab Is Paid For. You can also find a long list of the insurance companies that we accept at our addiction rehab center on our Insurance Billing page.