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Does Insurance Cover Rehab

Green "insurance" keyboard keyAddiction is a complex disease, and one that isn’t offered adequate support. Besides dealing with the impact of an addiction on their family life and work, most addicts’ families also have to consider the financial implications of treatment. Unfortunately many have insurance policies don’t offer enough help.

Can I use my insurance coverage to pay for rehab?

Almost every drug rehab facility has its own policy regarding insurance. Most, however, do accept some form of insurance. Some facilities may require patients to pay up-front and then seek reimbursement from their insurance provider.

Many facilities will also offer help if the insurance doesn’t cover the rehab stay. For example, they may have financing plans or sliding scale payment options to make it easier for you to pay on your own.

Your insurance plan may, however, have limitations. Some plans will not cover the full cost of a rehabilitation stay, so it is necessary to check before you commit to a facility.

Since every rehab facility and insurance plan have their own limitations, there is no one answer to whether or not your rehab will be covered by insurance. Here are some things to consider:

Type of Rehab

What kind of facility are you checking into? In-patient treatment, where you stay on-site, or out-patient treatment, where you go in for a few hours a day?

If you qualify for out-patient, which will be cheaper but isn’t an option available to relapsing addicts, you may be able to co-pay for every visit you make to the facility.

Insurance Type

Insurance policy terminology can be difficult to understand for the average person, so it might be best to talk to an insurance agent before you check into a rehab center.

From the agent, you need to clarify whether the insurance covers rehab, duration of coverage, as well as anything they won’t cover during the course of your treatment. Most insurance policies don’t cover relapses.

Many insurance companies also have stipulations on where you can get treatment. Not all rehab centers are covered under an insurance network, and this is something you should check before you start looking at rehab centers.


Different rehab centers cost different amounts, depending on the quality of accommodation, duration of program and type of program. Most cost between $20,000 and $40,000 a month, but luxury programs can cost much more than that.

Consider also what would happen if you switch centers during treatment, because insurance plans may not cover the jump in cost if you go from a cheaper facility to a more expensive one. Switching programs may not be something you can avoid if you feel the program you’re in doesn’t offer you all the facilities you need.

Look into the various payment options offered to you by your rehab facility before you make the final decision. Even if your chosen program isn’t covered by your insurance coverage, there may be something that can be done to make payments easier for you to manage on your own.