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Author: Medical Director Donald Harline, MD

Mixture of pills in a USA shaped container laying on a US flag

What Is the Opioid Epidemic?

The opioid epidemic, or opioid overdose crisis, is one of the greatest public health problems in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), drug [...]
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Young woman looking distressed and talking to a therapist.

How to Quit Benzodiazepines

Benzodiazepines, sometimes called benzos, are a class of psychoactive drugs that act as a depressant to lower brain activity. They are often prescribed to treat conditions like anxiety, sleep disorders [...]
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Foods That Boost Your Mental Health

Foods That Boost Your Mental Health

Did you know our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes can positively or negatively affect how well our body functions? Perhaps even more interesting is that what we do with our [...]
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What is Fentanyl and How Does it Affect You?

Fentanyl abuse is one of the fastest-growing drug problems in America. When made illegally, it’s commonly added to other substances, especially heroin, to increase their potency and lower their cost. [...]
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A patient with a doctor

What to Expect During a Drug Detox

Medically supervised drug detox programs at Alpine Recovery Lodge help those with moderate to severe drug or alcohol addictions manage the symptoms of withdrawal. Using a combination of medications and [...]
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Staying Active and Drug-Free During Covid-19

When you suffer from addiction, sobriety is a daily decision. It doesn’t matter whether you are brand new to recovery or have multiple years of sobriety under your belt – [...]
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Man With Mask Stairs out Window

Recovery During the Pandemic

The recovery journey can be difficult even under the best circumstances. And managing recovery amid an unexpected pandemic can seem downright overwhelming. It is completely understandable to feel challenged by [...]
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Two Friends Talking

Supporting a Loved One Through Recovery

If you have a friend or a loved one who is working through recovery from mental illness and/or addiction, you may be wondering how best to support them. Perhaps you’re [...]
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